Best Buy - Poor Customer Relations

Posted on Monday, June 10th, 2013 at 3:15pm CDT by Steve R.

Product: Viper Security System

Company: Best Buy

Location: MANALAPAN, NJ, 07726, US


Category: Stores, Shopping

In 2009, I purchased a Viper security system from best buy in Manalapan, NJ. I was told that if I was to sell my vehicle they would uninstall it and reinstall in the new vehicle. I still have the vehicle, but went to best buy because there was a problem with it. It was temporarily repaired, but I was told to call Viper as this unit was recalled. After making several calls, I was informed that the installer (Best Buy), needed to remove the system, send it to Viper who would then send an updated model. Whe I went into the store I purchased it from, after several minutes of trying to find someone, was told that I needed to travel 25 miles away to have it removed, then 25 miles home to await the product, and another 50 mile round trip when the product comes in. This is because the tech does not know how to install security systems, but does know how to install radios and everything else. I emailed customer service who send emails but did not address the issue. Finally, they called me and transferred me to their "public defender" who said, I am wrong for not going 100 miles round trip to get this taken care of. Who is he defending? also said it was not Best Buys responsibility to have a trained tech at each location. If thats the case and the tech screws up, who will be responsible. As of now, I am going to contact Viper direct to see if they will allow for someone else to remove this security system and forward the parts to them to replace. As for Best Buy, they lost a customer and friends of this customer. P.C. Richards is right next door.


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