Sunset Ridge Bullies LLC - Buyer Beware of Sunset Ridge Bullies

Posted on Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at 12:38pm CDT by Martinez

Product: Dog Breeder/Buyer Beware!!

Company: Sunset Ridge Bullies LLC

Location: Woodstock, IL. 60098


Category: Pets, Animals

I purchased a puppy from Sunset Ridge Bullies. I drove 9 hours to pick up the puppy. I signed a contract stating "There are no known genetic problems in any of our dogs or in their backround." After having my pup for about one weeks time I was noticing she was having a difficult time keeping down her food. I work in the Veterinary Field. I started by feeding her smaller frequent meals, no change. I notified my Veterinarian he recommended de worming, no change. Then I tried switching her food, no change. Needless to say We ended up taking X-rays witch led to doing a Barium study. In result my poor pup has 3 MAJOR Congenital Birth Defects. Viseral Ring Anomoly, Mega Esophagus, and Hydro encephalitis. Not only did my Veterinarian diagnosis these, I also had a Board Certified Surgeon and a Board Certified Radiologist give the same diagnosis. I contacted the Breeder, Sunset Ridge Bullies within 24 hours of FINAL Concluded DIAGNOSIS and He (Derek) was very argumentative, hung up on me and will not return any of my forms of contact. This "Breeder" went on to say I voided the contract when I didn't let him know my pup was diagnosed with Roundworms and I didnt tell him???? From the very beginning when I was concerned of why she was not keeping down food. I was texting the "breeder" to let him know what was going on and that I would contact him as soon as we had a final diagnosis. When we did talk he claimed he did not have text messaging and never received any of my messages. Found out this was a LIE - when i texted him from another number pretending to have interest in his pups...HE RESPONDED ALMOST IMMEDIATELY!! What does this say about the "Person" this "Breeder" Beware if wanting to purchase from this place.!!!


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