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Posted on Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at 10:45am CDT by Russell H.

Company: Pauls Cars Inc

Location: FL, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

This 1985 Lamborghini Countach was advertised as a really nice car. This is an $83,000 car. I have all of the ads and pictures that they put online and an ebay and other site's showing the car.I talked to Tony Rienzi 407-538-0224 and Paul Sawyer 352-242-0101. I have tried to deal with them to take the car back since buying it. I did not go and look at this car in person. They have filed a law suit against me in Fl.for As Is.The As Is papers that I signed does not stand up to fraud. I am also taking them to court. I took them at their word, youtube video and the picture's for the condition of the car. When the car got dropped off at my place I knew that I had been taken. It did not even want to back out of the trailer because it was running so bad. The paint job on it was junk and the wife even made a comment about it was not even a 20 footer and that the car was really bad and it needed to get back to Fl.

I just got the report from Evans Automotive in Columbus Ohio 614-471-1199. George Evans is one of the best Lamborghini specialists in the world. The report say's the car needs a total restoration and it is the worst Countach that he has ever seen. He will talk to anyone about the condition of this car. This car was grossly misrepresented.

Tony and Paul did a great job of photo shopping on this car and covering up all of the defects. Tony did admit online that he dubbed the sound on the video. I also have the youtube video showing the car running and at the 1:30 to 1:36 second mark the key is not in the ignition(the things that you notice too late). They had to dub the sound in the video to cover up the missing. They reversed #11 and #12 spark plug wires to stop it from smoking. When tested #11 cylinder 15% leak down.

I have tried real hard to get them to get this car out of my life and back to Fl. They don't want this car back because of it being so bad. They have refused to negotiate any type settlement.


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