Jiffy Lube - Jiffy Lube Full Service was Mis-represented and Incomplete

Posted on Sunday, June 9th, 2013 at 6:38pm CDT by Mike H.

Product: Jiffy Lube Full Service

Company: Jiffy Lube

Location: 3703 S Timberline Rd

URL: www.jiffylube.com/findlocation/storedetail.aspx?s_id=3099

Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

services and checks they said were done were not done. I paid for services that they said they performed but did not do.

* tire pressure was left at 20 psi.

* engine coolant reservoir was left dry.

* wind shield washer reservoir was not topped.

* My transmission fluid was left dirty and in need of changing with no recommendation to do so.

* discovered afterward that the oil filter was not replaced.

* air filter was not checked and left dirty.

* They never offered me service recommendations.

* The interior of my vehicle wasn't vacuumed.

I discovered later after leaving Jiffy Lube that my windshield washer reservoir was completely dry. This prompted me to take a close look over the car to check the thoroughness of the service I paid for at Jiffy Lube to see what other possible factors were not addressed by Jiffy Lube that I paid for. I decided to stop by another service station and had them check the work that Jiffy Lube said they performed and had me pay for. They informed me that my windshield washer reservoir was dry, my tire pressure was only 20 psi, my coolant reservoir was dry, the transmission fluid needed to be changed, the oil filter was not new and had not been changed, the air filter they said was in good condition was filthy and needed to be replaced, along with the interior not being vacuumed. After my visit to this mechanic, I contacted the Jiffy Lube on Timberline Rd in Fort Collins, CO and informed them of the neglect and fraudulent service discovered by myself and the mechanic I visited. Their excuse to me was that they were very busy and understaffed and offered no apology or any further follow-up response for this horrible service experience.


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