The UPS Store - Rude, Obnoxious, Falsely Accusing

Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 at 10:32am CDT by Charles B.

Product: UPS Stor e# 3600 West Broward

Company: The UPS Store

Location: 6919 W. Broward Blvd

Category: Products, Services

Went to UPS store to check my business mail box. Patiently waited in line. I watched the clerk have issue with the customers in from of me. One person wanted to send documentation to Israel and use his account number. A second customer was a lady that wanted to send something COD (clerk did not understand her initial terminology) to Jamaica. The clerk asked the woman 2 times for a ZIP CODE. When she got frustrated and started to walk away she stated Jamaica does not have a "zip-codes" and he told her he needed an address.

I calmly mention that he (the clerk) told the her zip code twice as I heard him, I mentioned it in a kind of a pleasant ok (i.e. I have asked for stuff thinking one thing and saying another- its being human).... He got NASTY about it stating he said address (not until the woman was storming out) and stated "why do I always have to start trouble when I come in here". 1. Second time I have EVER dealt with this clerk and 2. The first time, I had to explain at length to the person that I was caught in the middle with an issue he had and he needed to talk to the responsible person. I don't see that as "making trouble".

I am a reasonable and responsible person willing to take almost anything.... However...

I don't take kindly to being falsely accused of causing trouble. More so when it unfounded. As info, on this day and this situation, I was the 3rd customer in line and each before me had an issues and just stormed out. - ? Who is causing Trouble here?

I highly recommend that folks steer clear of this UPS Store (#3600).


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