Orkin - Orkin Disorganization Brings Multiple Customer Service Complaints

Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 at 11:51am CDT by 4b4e5735

Product: Pest Services

Company: Orkin

Location: US

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We were using Orkin for about two years, but we are no longer. We are now using a different provider. The first issue we had was their billing system. We received scheduled treatments every other month, and could call in additional treatments as needed. Each bill we received did not specify which treatment we were paying for, it only stated balance forward. We didn't like that system at all, but we had no complaints about it until our service technicians started asking us to pay them directly each time they treated our house.

We are the type of people who pay our bills as soon as they arrive in the mail, but no one is perfect, so a couple of times we called Orkin to find out which payment we missed. Twice we did this and twice we were told that we had a $0 balance on our account and that the bill must have been sent prior to them receiving our check, but it wasn't the bill we were receiving in the mail that was an issue--it was that our technician's inspection form always showed us having a $80 prior balance. Finally we complained to our technician about this enough and he said that Orkin needs to update it's computer software, which is just horrible. He also said that Orkin quote: "pounds it into us guys to ask and ask for money, no matter what." So after dealing with this nonsense for about two years we were already starting to look for another provider. Then came the flea incident.

We had our technician come in on a Saturday to treat our house for ants and other insects. We do not have any pets, but in the past have suddenly had fleas show up in our home, which I thought must have brought into the house from cutting the lawn. So we hired a lawn service and had not had fleas in some time. Well the day the Orkin guy showed up I suddenly noticed five or six flea fresh flea bites on my leg. I am apparently allergic to fleas as these small little bites turn into large, itchy welts all over my legs.

Hence I get a little irritated when fleas come into the house, so I called Orkin on Monday and asked the receptionist if they could schedule the technician to come in ASAP at 8AM in the morning. She said that the best they could do is schedule me during an 8-10am window, but I told her I had to get to work and asked if she could make 8AM work. She tracked down our technician and he agreed to come as close to 8am as possible. I thanked her and told her that I started getting bit by fleas the day our inspector last treated our house.

So I worked until about 8pm that day, got home, made dinner and was trying to relax, and at about 9:00pm an unlisted caller started calling my house. Three times I picked up the phone and hung up immediately and on the fourth time I answered it and it was my technician. He was calling to know why I said that he brought fleas into the house. I told him that there weren't fleas until he showed up and then I started getting bit, and he reassured me that it was not him. Fine, whatever. But then he started to advise me on what I needed to do to make sure that I didn't bring fleas into the house. It really irritated me that he was calling my house this late, and if he wanted to defend himself when he stopped by the house two days later that would have been a more appropriate time to call our house. But Orkin must encourage their technicians to call their customers that late, because this wasn't the first time I received a late call from Orkin.

Anyway, I cut him off short and said look I had a bad day at work I am not really in the mood to discuss this. He said ok, but come Thursday morning he calls at 10 minutes after 8 to say that he has not left the Orkin office yet because his manager has called a meeting. I asked him when he was coming and he tells me that he doesn't know. Great, so my wife and I waited for him to show up, instead of leaving for work when we wanted to, and now he is telling me that he can't get out of his meeting with his manager. I asked him what about the customer. He tells me that he can't help it. The boss is the boss. At that point, after getting another 20 flea bites all over my legs and dealing with his phone call the other night I admittedly yelled at him. I said you bring fleas into my house, promise to show up at 8 today and now tell me you don't know when you are going to get here because of your meeting. I said screw your meeting. Apparently he had hung up.

Don't get me wrong. He could have given better customer service, but I see this as a management and organizational issue within Orkin.

Two days later someone else finally shows up and takes care of the fleas. Today we cancelled our service, and I won't even go into the fiasco they are putting us through now just to do that. My word of advice. Don't even go down that road. If you have a local company that performs pest control, go with them. Orkin has gotten too big to provide anything resembling good customer service.

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