Drum Supply House - Drum Supply House - Business Practices - Products Not Delivered - No Refund

Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 at 8:30pm CDT by Will E.

Company: Drum Supply House

Location: 1230 Fourth Ave North

URL: www.drummaker.com

Category: Products, Services

I placed an online order for some bass drum parts on January, 11, 2013. No where on the website or in my order confirmation was it indicated that any of the items were on backorder. I hadn't received the order nor any other notification beside the initial automatic email confirmation so I sent a polite email inquiry on February 27th. No reply. Asked for an update again on March 20th. Received an automatic reply indicating that they were backed up in the email department and would get back with me as soon as possible. No word so I sent another inquiry around the middle of April through the DSH website. I received an email April 29th stating that he had been backed up and would track things down and reply that day. I never received a response. On May 22 I sent an email stating that judging by the constant email promotions that I had been receiving from the company it seems the business was back up and running. I requested that he cancel my order and refund my payment in full. I received the same automatic reply as before. I called about a week later only to be immediately connected to voice mail. I left a message requesting a refund. I received no call back. On June 4th I posted an inquiry on the company's facebook page which was immediately taken down and I received an email within a few minutes stating "This will be handled ASAP" At this date I have not received my parts, refund nor any update at all. I have filed an official complaint with the BBB and will be pursuing further action.


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