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Posted on Saturday, June 8th, 2013 at 8:11am CDT by Barbara M.

Company: Sears

Location: 4000 N.Shepherd Dr Houston TX 77018
HOUSTON, TX, 77018, US


Category: Appliances, Equipment, Tools

My mother is 85 years old. She has been a loyal customer of Sears for over 50 years. When it came time to purchase a new microwave, I took her to Sears located on Shepherd Drive in Houston. On 5/4 she made her purchase and it was installed on the 6th. The Sears installer left without cleaning up after the install. He left wood and metal shavings on the counters, the stove top and the kitchen floor. My mother is legally blind and did not see what he left behind, but she felt it when she walked in her kitchen barefoot. I would think that shaved wood on a stove top would be hazardous but that didn't seem to concern the Sears installer.

I am disgusted with Sears and this level of customer service. How disrepectful not only to a customer but its all the more hurtful when they are elderly with a disability. Shame on Sears for taking advantage of my mother. Not once has Sears apologized for this. But wait, theres more....

June 5 this microwave stopped working. I tried calling Sears but no one answered the phone. No one. Ever. How is this possible? I called the automotive center just outside and they sent someone in to deliver a message. They also gave me the number for Sears "second" line and told me to call that if I didnt' hear back. I didn't hear back so I called that number. I was told they didn't answer the phone because the manager was out sick. Really?! What the heck goes on at that store?

The woman who answered the phone tried calling small applicances and guess what? no one answered. She was going to take my number down for them to call me. They never did. I waited an hour then I called a national Sears number and they were able to patch me through to this Sears small appliance department. The salesman told me he didn't call me back because he didn't see an order for a microwave relating to my phone number. I don't know what they teach their sales reps at Sears, but if ANY customer calls you BETTER call them back. PERIOD. This sales rep told me I needed to contact Repairs but he didn't know the number. Believe me...I am NOT making any of this up.

I looked on the internet and found a number to call. I was told I would receive a new microwave because of the timeline of purcahse. Because of this, the installation department would be involved. I was transferred over and after approvals were made it was agreed that Sears would call me the following day to arrange a time. They never called me. They call my mother. The installation was to occur on 6/7 between 11 and 3. At 345 I called to find out where these Sears installers were. No one knew. I had taken off work to be at my mother's home to make sure they did what they were suppose to. I lost pay. Sears never bothered to call to let us know they were not coming. As a matter of fact they aren't coming for another week. Did no one think it necessary to let the customer know what they decided?

This is the worst store I have ever had to deal with. If this is Sears best standard of business practice then you should not waste your time with them. As far as I can tell they are not going to get better.


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