Pam Patterson - Estate Sales Operator/Remodeler

Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 11:19pm CDT by Jerry P.

Product: Lake Jackson TX Estate Sale Expert & Remodeler

Company: Pam Patterson

Location: 320 Southern Oaks Dr

Category: Products, Services

A contractor, named Pamela Patterson, painted a room in my house for which I paid $200. Then she purported to be an estate sale expert organizer/operator. I proceeded to go with her not realizing that she was going to steal many items during the sale and $672.00 at the end of the sale. Being a trusting guy and sitting in the same room with her and her niece while she was counting the final intake of money I trustingly let her take her commission of (25%)$1270.00 out of the proceeds which she said tallied to be $5080.00. When I went to the bank to make a deposit of what should have been $3810.00, the bank said there was only $3138.00 there. I got robbed of $672.00 through slight of hand.


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