A-Top Dental, Frank Huang DDS - Dentist used contaminated instrument and contaminated gloves

Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 11:31pm CDT by Kevin Z.

Product: Teeth cleaning

Company: A-Top Dental, Frank Huang DDS

Location: 15910 Gale Ave

Category: Health, Beauty

During my appointment for a cleaning, this dentist dropped an instrument on the ground, picked it up with his gloves, did NOT change his gloves, removed the plastic packaging from the instrument (thus contaminating it), and put the instrument in my mouth. Using his gloves (which had touched the floor), he held my mouth open and touch teeth and gums. Worse still, because of the cleaning, my gums were bleeding; the germs on the floor were given a direct route to enter my bloodstream.

I complained, but Dr. Huang brushed off my concerns. He said that I had nothing to worry about because the instrument had been protected by plastic. He ignored that fact that using contaminated gloves to remove the plastic packaging caused the instrument to become contaminated.

I'm not germophobic, but infection is a very real and serious threat (even for those with healthy immune systems). Frank Huang (the dentist at A-Top Dental) placed my health in jeopardy. He chose not to take a few extra seconds to change gloves and grab another clean instrument. This dentist took shortcuts - shortcuts that placed me in danger. The idea of a dentist taking shortcuts is completely unacceptable to me; I will never return to this dentist.

In addition, there's a small television in each examination room that plays dvds. They'll often play movies without asking you. Besides being annoying, these movies can distract the dentist and his staff. During my cleaning, the dentist and his assistant were making comments to each other about the action movie that was playing. They were not 100% focused on me; this is not what I want when someone is poking around my mouth with sharp tools.

Also, I set my appointment for 9 AM on a Wednesday. 9 AM was the first appointment of the day, and Wednesday is not a busy day. However, I still had to wait 45 minutes before the dentist saw me.

Finally, a few weeks later, when I looked at my insurance statement, I discovered that Dr. Huang had called the second cleaning session a "deep" cleaning. This allowed him to charge me and my insurance much more money. The dentist had decided to split my cleaning into 2 sessions, but no one from the dental office told me that the 2nd session was not considered part of a regular cleaning. Furthermore, they didn't tell me that the cost of a deep cleaning was not fully covered by insurance. The office mislead me, and I was unable to make an informed decision on whether to go forward with the deep cleaning.

In retrospect, I don't think I even needed the deep cleaning. I saw my previous dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings. In fact, my last cleaning (before visiting this dentist) occurred less than 5 months earlier.

I strongly recommend against this dentist.

Note: The address of the dental office is listed in some directories as 15910 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745 and in other directories as 15912 Gale Ave, Hacienda Heights, CA 91745


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