Collina Suites - Hotel complaint

Posted on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 at 10:03pm CDT by Anthony Chi Chung L.

Company: Collina Suites

Location: Via collina, 24 - check in Via Flavia 84, 2nd Floor in Hotel giotto Flavia, Via Veneto, Roma Italia

Category: Hotels

I am a Hong Kong citizen, named Leung Chi Chung Anthony, travelling to Italy from 18 May to 28 May 2013.

I paid for a room with Collina Suite, located in Rome, through Everything has been paid for via my credit card.

I checked in late at around 23:30 on 18 May 2013, it was because my plane was delayed 45 minutes. When I checked in this hotel, the hotel refused to give me room. The staff from the hotel said to me that they had overbooking problem. The staff assigned me another hotel and he informed me to go alone to find this hotel. I refused to do so. Finally, he went to find this hotel with me together. This hotel named, hotel Bolognese, was difficult to find and even the hotel staff from Collina Suite, a local Italian, found it out in difficulty. The hotel was not the same as Collina Suite that I have booked. The condition of this hotel was bad. I refused to stay at this hotel. I started arguing with the staffs with both hotels. The staff from Collina Suite he would give me back the money and he asked me to go away. I refused. The staff from the Collina Suite ran away and left me alone on the street.

I returned to the Collina Suite and argued again with the staff. He throw my baggage out of the hotel and he hit me on my face. My mouth was bleeding. I got hurt. I screamed for help and I went out to the street to one of the Italian restaurant for help. One of the ladies working there helped me to call the police. The manager from the Collina Suite came down to the street to join the argue. He did not help anything, just saying that I was deserve for this. This manager said to me that he found me another hotel and I should go to check in myself. He humiliated me and the place where I came from and my country.

The police finally arrived, but they were not really helpful. The policemen did not give me their names, even thought I asked for. Eventually, I wrote the police car number ? CC BW255.

I went to the hospital myself by taxi and I waited for the body inspection for 3 hours. Enclosed are the inspection documents from the hospital. I stayed at the hospital whole night. I stayed at neither of the hotels, because they seemed dangerous.

I made this complaint, because I was the victim and they should not treat me like this. I also hope that the other travellers from other countries should aware of this case.


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