Better Homes and Gardens - Bath Towels

Posted on Thursday, June 6th, 2013 at 8:24am CDT by vicki

Company: Better Homes and Gardens

Location: US

Category: Home, Garden

We purchased 6 beautiful black and white Better Homes & Gardens towels from WalMart last month. They were perfect - big enough for my husband to be happy with them, and perfectly complimented my bathroom decor. That's where my little fairy tale ends. We have washed and dried the towels 4 times, and each time they totally fill the dryer screen with fluff, leave little pieces/balls of fiber all over you when you dry yourself off with them, and make a mess of the tub/floor leaving little black pieces of towel all over the place. I'm ot sure if I should go to WalMart, where we purchased them, or Better Homes & Gardens, the towel label, so I'm doing both. Suggestions/comments?


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