omega academy - dr bassett

Posted on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 at 3:48pm CDT by roseanne o.

Company: omega academy

Location: 83 rd ave and northern

Category: Education

all the paperwork i received said graduation was the 6th of june. then 10 minutes before it starts i am told it is the 5 th . you robbed my special needs child of her graduation. i hate you all. i wanted to see her get her gown and go up and get her diploma. get pics of it. see her in her dress. have her family there. you screwed up and robbed her of it. i have the paperwork that said the 6th. and no one could pick up the phone and say oh it the 5 th not the 6th. dont send your child to this school. they fail to keep you informed of things. thank god no more of my children will ever go there.when mr bassett ran things it was good. you losst him and it went to hell.


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