Deleted Complaint

This complaint has been deleted.


d9e5f862, 2013-06-21, 08:54AM CDT

What a loser, I heard that he has some assault charges against women as well! Got arrested at his home in front of his website designer, who has since shut the website down because a lack of payment through RVSN.

2b1c642e, 2014-01-15, 05:42PM CST

Hahaha OMG. I just creeped his profiles and he does take a lot of coffee pictures, lol what a "loser" OMG. It took me 35 minutes to go through every single picture lol but ya, I totally see why someone would be so jealous of his life OMG, his life looks amazing. His pictures are actually really cool. Always posting positive comments about him and his production team. He has some kind of indoor digital signage network in coffee shops throughout Canada and he calls the network CSCN for Coffee Shop Conversations Network lol which I guess could explain the coffee pictures lol. His linkedin account says he's a product manager for a bow tie company Lol I guess it makes sense that he wears bow ties lmao his idk kiosk is some kind of prototype product that he invented lol Whoever wrote this is either one of his ex girlfriends LMAO or knows him since they're talking about his family and childhood friends lol. OMG too funny though, I actually just followed him on tumblr and Instagram lmao can't wait to see what this Charles Christian Tago posts next. His life is like a movie. Clearly haters made this post lol

The day this "complaint" or tantrum was posted (June 3rd, 2013) this is what charles posted on his tumblr lol!!

The day the first comment was made this is what charles posted

This guy's life is amazing <3

I came across this post that he made on December 27th :S

Charlie, I showed my mom your profiles and we read through what the person or persons posted and if you read this, know that we are praying for you and your family and you must have a lot of loved ones and supporters based on the images you post and the focus you seem to have. Keep your head up and and read Psalm 31:18 (if you want) - "Let the lying lips be mute, Which speak arrogantly against the righteous With pride and contempt."

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