Comcast Cable Service - Bad Comcast Customer Service

Posted on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 at 3:12pm CDT by David M.

Product: Comcast Cable Service

Company: Comcast Cable Service


Category: Internet Services

I am a comcast subscriber. The comcast cable that provides the signal to the house, was buried in the ground, at the rear of my house. The buried cable runs about 70 ft so to the cable junction box. Recently, landscapers severed the cable, by accident. Comcast came out and installed a temporary cable above the ground. Through my neighbors yard. While the comcast employee was here, I requested that the replacement cable be placed in conduit. The comcast work order that I signed, had a section where the customer could request that the cable be placed in a protective conduit. A few days later, a subcontractor came out to bury the cable, and I noticed that they did not intend to use conduit. I explained to them that I requested that the cable be placed in conduit. They told me that I would have to supply the conduit. I had them stop the digging and told them they needed to come back when I purchased the conduit. So, this email is being written 6 weeks after the original cable was cut. After multiple phone calls and emails, none of which were responded to, I have lost all patience. As a last resort I went online with at ComcastLive Chat. I explained the situation. And stated that I would be burying the cable and I needed a Comcast employee to come out and mark where the other 7 cables are, so that I will not cut them when I begin to dig. No ground markings have taken place. So, I will begin the difficult task of burying 70 ft of comcast cable through my neighbors and my own, back yards. I apologize to my neighbors, who depend on the comcast cable to operate their inhome business, ahead of time, if I sever their cables' while digging.

Signed...David the giant Slayer


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