Posted on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 at 6:38am CDT by David G.

Product: DENTIST

Company: Gordon David P.

Location: 8 Stiles Road
SALEM, NH, 03079, US

Category: Health, Beauty

Hello Good People,

This is a stern warning to stay far away from Dr. David P. Gordon DMD of 8 Stiles Road Salem, N.H. 603-894-5494

These are the two sets of dentures that Gordon of Salem, N.H. could not make in a recorded 50 office visits (50+ hours) to his office in Salem. He has absolutely no idea what the hell he is doing! Notice the cracks and breaks through out the dentures.

He charged me top dollar for these but he cheaped out on me and gave me crap for my hard earned money. This fella has no idea what quality workmanship is and is a disgrace to the dental field. David P. Gordon doesn't have the slightest idea of what a true professional is, what quality work is, has no ethics and is an embarrassment to all dentists.

David P. Gordon from the very first meeting continuously used manipulation, deception, double talk, vagueness, the poorest of communication skills and bold face lies to take advantage of the faith, trust and confidence I had put in him.

David P. Gordon D did not take or use the proper measurement techniques needed, nor did he use any type of compass, computer software, center marks, open jaw marks, or modern state of the art procedures needed to fit the dentures into my mouth as my bite was off by a staggering 9mm and in dentistry that's miles!! Gordon used rounded feminine 8mm teeth that are intended for a small girls or a grannies mouth and put them into my mouth which had to be replaced with 11mm square style teeth. A 3mm difference in size in which he was blind to see when in fact he took prints of the front teeth I had left and he still didn't even come close. Nothing, not a thing of his disqualified attempt was salvageable to make the new dentures. There was absolutely no starting point to work with. Everything had to be made over from the very beginning to reconstruct my teeth, mouth, jaw, bite and profile. My smile, jaw and profile were a sunken in, disgusting mess and I was continuously embarrassed, humiliated, was very self conscious and was made sport of from my appearance because of his lack of skill. Even when I had the dentures in my mouth and then opened my mouth you couldn't even see them! (see Youtube Dr. SNAFU David Gordon).

David P. Gordon D.M.D. financially raped me of thousands of dollars spent for absolutely no reason at all except to pad his own wallet for a job he was and is unqualified and incapable of doing.

It is by screwing his patients like this that he can afford to go to the Maderia Islands and keep his luxury house at 132 Broad Street Hollis, N.H. 603-465-6818. I can only imagine how many other people he has screwed.

David P. Gordon constantly told me that my elders and my friends (that have followed this whole failed experiment of his from the beginning) who have had dentures for 30+ years were wrong when they told me that the dentures were junk and shouldn't have broken apart the way they did 8 times in a row. This in a series of bold faced lies from Dr.No Help David P. Gordon .

I paid top dollar for David P. Gordon D.M.D. to do this job and received nothing but junk for my hard earned money. As a layman I said to myself the guy has a dental license, he obviously knows what he's doing, boy was I wrong.

He was to make two sets of dentures. One set that would that would sit upon and attach to 8 Straumann USA implants, and one set of backup dentures that would sit upon my gums. Dr Pain, David Gordon in two years could not make the dentures that took a true professional only 5 visits to complete with outstanding and very pleasing results as I receive compliments often. What Gordon tried to piece together was a complete and udder failure. All dentures were seriously compromised from the very beginning and broke, fractured, split and had teeth falling out 8 times for which he continuously tried to band aid the dentures together and failed miserably at that too.

Eight times they broke apart when all I was eating were soft foods and yet he constantly told me it was my fault that they were breaking, that I'm too hard on my teeth, that I'm a ruff and tumble guy?? That I grit my teeth at night, when I don't even wear them at night, that I grit my teeth when I'm in the gym. When ones curls a dumbbell you breathe out when lifting and breathe in when lowering the weight there is no gritting involved at all. David P. Gordon makes things up as he goes along.

This is what I was eating when the dentures and maxillary canine teeth broke apart into pieces in my mouth. Italian sausage, hot dogs, oatmeal, liver and onions, meatloaf, raisin brand, rolls, toast, yogurt and yes nothing, they just plan broke for the sake of breaking! They are wafer thin and didn't even have the strength to chew oatmeal with out breaking.

David P. Gordon used his position as a so called dentist to misguide, misdirect and constantly confuse me for a job he was and is clearly unqualified, incapable and incompetent of doing and his work is clearly documented with photographs. (Note the placement of the attachment locator caps on the dentures that were to hold the dentures onto the Straumann USA implants), they were just thrown into the dentures wily nily. His failed attempt time and time again is a truly disgusting display of his lack of education in this field.

I had to find a qualified dentist for him to fix what Gordon could not do. David P. Gordon failed at every turn as these dentures broke apart over 8 times and Gordon used band aids to try to fix them. David P. Gordon is a POS!

David P. Gordon has egregiously broken any and all rules of decency and professionalism for his own monetary gain with no regards what-so-ever to me, the patient.

Having David P. Gordon come into my life when I was without hope is and was the very worst experience I have ever had with a dentist or any type of doctor for that matter, it was and still is a nightmare.

I brought this case to the New Hampshire Board of Dental Examiners and to the New Hampshire Dental Society to hold Dr. David P. Gordon accountable for what he had done to me. Now get this. Are you ready? They both said that he did nothing wrong! So as a N.H. resident this is the kind of work and treatment one can expect from a N.H. dentist without being held responsible for there actions. They just get away with it.

Gordon hired a candy ass attorney because he didn't have the testicular fortitude to face me in small claims court. David P. Gordon is a gutless coward!!

This is how it worked. Gordon lies directly to The Board and The Dental Society (which he is a paid member) through his attorney. He signs his name to what Gordon says then it all of a sudden becomes the truth? I spend mega bucks on this project and didn't have the cash to hire an attorney to fight this corruption. Never mind that at the same time this was going on I had new disc with fusion installed into my neck and six moths later had a new disc with fusion installed into my lower back. It felt like I was hit by a diesel or a Greyhound bus, so I was fighting these two sissies from my bed.

Everything was documented in painstakingly detail; I even sent them the dentures themselves to look at

Dr. David P. Gordon had professional intercourse with each and every member of both The N.H. Board of Dental Examiners and The N.H. Dental Society (again he is a paid member) and his very own colleagues said he did nothing wrong!! To date I am still livid about this!! This is justice in the state of New Hampshire.

Gordon is a "general dentist that is proficient at nothing!


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David G., 2013-06-02, 06:41AM CDT

I too had major problems with Gordon! He has no idea at all what he is doing! Do not let this guy touch you or your wallet!!

If you don't believe me then I say go see Dr. Nightmare yourself.

Joy A., 2014-12-28, 05:26PM CST

I have been Dr. Gordon's patient for around 35 years and I have found him to be of the highest integrity; he is an excellent dentist. I have multiple crowns and dental implants and I can tell you that he is so gentle that I have never been frightened of having any dental procedure done. Anyone who knows David Gordon knows that he is an outstanding dentist and of the highest character.

Joy Augevich

Salem, NH

David G., 2015-01-04, 07:51AM CST

Go to "Youtube" search Dr. SNAFU David P. Gordon and you will see his integrity and his character at work and you will also see what a failure of a dentist Gordon is.

David G., 2015-09-14, 07:38PM CDT

This should really piss you off.

I wrote to the N.H. governor Maggie Hassan's office and asked who oversees the The N.H. Board of Dental Examiners. I gave a outline of my case. They wrote back referring me back to the NHBDE offices.

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