Mountain Products Smokehouse - UNETHICAL CONDUCT

Posted on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 at 10:59am CDT by Samuel V.

Company: Mountain Products Smokehouse

Location: 47 Burdick Road


Category: Food

For a complete account of my experience with Mountain Products Smokehouse, please visit this site:

For a brief summary, please see the snippet below of a complaint I filed with the Better Business Bureau:

My name is Sam Vitiello and I've recently had some unfortunate dealings with Tom Gray, owner of Mountain Products Smokehouse, a USDA meat processing facility in Lagrangeville, NY (Hudson Valley). After some preliminary discussions with Tom, I decided against pursuing a business relationship with his company whereby he would produce my line of meat products branded under my "Sam's Butcher Shop" label. I chose instead to work with another meat processor because they had some equipment he lacked that would make the production process more efficient and cost effective. His highly unprofessional response to this was to not return two 60 lb buckets of molasses that I had sent him when we were still in the discussion/planning stages. The molasses is used for a product I developed called buckboard bacon. He then informed me that he actually made 70 lbs of the buckboard bacon without my authorization or consent, most likely using my molasses! It appears that he may have sold and may be selling the product under his Mountain Products brand name, which would violate the trust of our original agreement and exclude me from my portion of the sales.


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