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Posted on Sunday, June 2nd, 2013 at 8:33pm CDT by Mercury T.

Company: eBay

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I purchased a Sony camcorder as a gift for a retired gentleman who is 70+ years old from eBay seller "fiestyrascal." I received the item, which visually appeared to be as described and proceeded to give it to my friend to replace a similar model he had before. At $75 I found the item to be priced well and it was shipped very quickly - and for that I thank this seller. However, after trying to figure out why it wasn't working like his old model, the man contacted me. We set up a time for me to inspect the item, and I drove the 20+ miles to his house to do so before observing that the unit had a defective dial selector. Instead of allowing you to scroll among all the advanced features of the on-screen menu, this wheel only rapidly flicks back and forth between the first two options. This blocks access to a good 80% of the camcorder's features, and makes it impossible to do as simple a task as set the date and time for your recordings, let alone utilize the more in-depth abilities of the unit.

Now, granted, by the time the new owner brought the issue to my attention it was well after the 14 day return policy imposed by the seller. I passed the information on as soon as I possibly could, despite the amount of time which had passed - 51 days, to quote the seller - mainly due to the fact that this was a gift, as well as other factors. I contacted him regardless, just to see if there was anything that could be done for our situation, my reasoning based on the fact that the camcorder was falsely advertised as being thoroughly tested and 100% functional. The seller even asserted this (albeit in less detail) in the item's title - "sony camcorder ccd-trv41 8mm TESTED" and no mention of this or any other defect was made anywhere in the item's writeup. Two replies I received from the seller during our communication on the issue simply stated that it was well over the return policy date, and that the line must be drawn somewhere. I can understand that, under normal circumstances. However in a situation such as mine, where the description is downright false and a major defect is kept undisclosed, there was something the seller could have done - even if only provide a small discount for being the reason this man's gift was almost useless to him. The camcorder could not possibly have been fully tested as stated since access to most of the features is blocked by this defective selector wheel. Yet the seller stands by his ad, stating, "As in my last message I assure you that everything was working when I sent the camcorder." He also advises, "Have you tried the remote control? This will also allow you to cruise through the menu bar." which further stands evident to the fact that he did not inspect it thoroughly - or at all - or he would have known that the remote does not allow operation in this manner, as is also clearly stated in the owner's manual.

Logically, I recognize that a part like this would not likely stop working at random during shipping, especially in an oversized box which was delivered completely without blemish and packed more than adequately to prevent harm to the unit. Furthermore, my friend is an old and patient sort, who is not prone to smashing something off of the nearest countertop to get it to work when it does not do as advertised. This leaves only one obvious possibility - the defect was present all along and the seller either did not take the time to test everything and falsely stated he did so, or tested everything he could (necessitating his knowledge of the problem) and made a conscious effort to lie about the item's condition. Even if - through some turn of events - the seller honestly had no idea about the defect and it did somehow happen during shipping, there comes a point when you have to stand behind your product. I run a computer repair business, and if I handled my customers in this strictly-by-the-book manner, I would not have nearly as many of them today. I'm not an irrational person - I understand things happen. But it's how you handle them as a person of business that speaks much of your focus and character. It seems to me that the focus of this seller is on his profit, as is evidenced by the attitude displayed in his email which reeks of "I got my money and your time's up. Too bad for you, goodbye." I can assure you, seller, that this mindset would never be tolerated in my line of work.

In short, this otherwise above-average transaction was severely tarnished by the dishonest advertising and less-than-reputable actions of this seller. Buyer beware.

UPDATE: Shortly after this writeup, the camcorder ceased to function completely - it is now 100% useless, a complete waste of 75 dollars.


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