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Posted on Friday, June 7th, 2013 at 9:08am CDT by Crystal Y.

Company: The Limited

Location: DALLAS, TX, 75225, US

Category: Clothing, Shoes, Apparel

This email is to serve as a complaint. I am very dissatisfied and upset with the way I was treated today by Manager Ricky, representative for the Limited. I took a pair of pants to the Limited store, located off Park Lane, for alterations approx. a week ago. The pants were new with tags still attached. I took three (3) more pair today 4/28/13 to be altered, and told the young Asian lady I needed to pick up as well. The young lady went to the back to retrieve my pants. I went to fold the pants and place them in my bag, when I noticed a red stain on the leg of the pants. I brought the problem to the young lady attention, who then paged for the manager Ricky.

Ricky look at the pants and stated "I can try to get the stain out, we send them out, so I don't know how that happen" or "if they were that way when they were brought here". Ricky had a very none caring attitude and I was really upset that she implied that I may have brought my pants there in that condition.

Ricky said she would send my pants to the dry cleaners, to see if the stain would come out.

The limited provides a service, I entrust that my clothing will be handled with care when I leave them. I am more upset with how she handled me and the lack of customer service she offered. She asked if I wanted to take my pants home and wash them to see if the stain would come out. Ricky is African American and so am I. I know if I had been white, I would not have been subject to this type of treatment. I observed how careless they were with my clothes. My pants were thrown on the counter, possibly location were my pants were stain from residue left from their drinks. If you're going to provide a service, be organized.

My pants should have been hung in a location designated for alterations and not thrown on the counter subject to stains, being lost, or damaged while left unattended.

*****I am still waiting for my pants as of 6/2/2013...I've gone to the store twice from the date mentioned above to pick my pants up. The first time the stain was still in the pants, so they sent them back to the dry cleaners. I went today 6/2/2013, and they couldn't find my pants. I did leave my name and number so Ricky could call me regarding my pants. I stated before leaving the store that I would notify the Corporate office regarding this matter. Ricky called and stated she would find out if the stain was removed and If not she would refund my money. This is the customer service she should have offered before, I mentioned calling the Corportate Office.....

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Crystal Y., 2013-06-07, 09:18AM CDT

I finally received a resolution regarding the incident. I won't shop there as much due to lack of customer service displayed prior...

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