Monroe and Main - Monroe and Main treats good customers poorly!

Posted on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 8:40am CDT by Carlene A.

Product: Online/Catalog Clothing Retailer

Company: Monroe and Main

Location: WI, US


Category: Online Shopping

I have been a Monroe and Main "Gold" cardholder since 2009, and have a credit limit of $1400 with no outstanding balance. I recently received an email for a promotion for 'free shipping on orders $50 or more', so I took my time, picked out some things, and finally whittled it down to an order of $135. I placed my order, and the next day received an email saying that my order hadn't been shipped, but a letter had been mailed to me explaining the situation.

Since I don't have time to call them and wait on hold, I emailed Customer Service and they responded back. Apparently, they expect me to send them a down payment of $34.35 before they will ship my order! I emailed them back and told them that I was insulted that they would do this to a good customer like myself, and that I had manually cancelled the order. I also told them I would never order from them again, and to stop sending catalogs and promotional emails, as it would be harrassment.

I would have expected them to respond to my concern about the order, but noooo...! Their response was: "We have removed your name and address from our mailing list. Please discard any catalogs that may already be in the mail. Your email address has been from our database."

The take-away from this exchange? Monroe and Main doesn't care about customer service. All they want to do is sell mediocre clothing at jacked-up prices. Beware!

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Business Reply  Monroe and Main C., 2013-06-12, 06:22PM CDT

Hi Carlene,

I work for Monroe and Main. We're very sorry about this experience with us. We would like to research these details and find out how we might improve if you would be willing to email us your contact information? Sorry to have you go through all this again, but we are hoping you will give us another chance so we can give you the explanation you deserve.

Please consider emailing us at [email protected] for us to talk through this further with you.

Thanks for posting this so we can learn and improve our customer service,


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