Monti Moving Company - Incompetent Irresponsible and Unprofessiional

Posted on Saturday, June 1st, 2013 at 4:01am CDT by Denise G.

Company: Monti Moving Company

Location: 10208 General Drive
ORLANDO, FL, 32824, US


Category: Delivery, Moving Services, Storage

Our order of a Full Size bed was picked up from Kissimmee to the Bronx office on 5/15. When the order was placedwith Rodney(Shipper Lot No. MORMNY 0029-13), we were told it'd be received within 1 1/2 to 2 weeks. We stressed the importance that it's received at the time they're indicating because the receiver was moving on the 31st & wouldn't have anything to sleep on. They said it wasn't a problem. When the men arrived to pick up the bed & payment of $345.00 was made, we asked again when would this be delivered? He also stated between 1 1/2 to 2 wks & we should call in about 1 1/2 wk to check the status. We never imagined it would be this difficult.

Our problem began on May 29 when we called the Bronx office & spoke to Chris who stated the shipment wasn't there yet & didn't know when it was coming in. To call the shipping office. We spoke to Viviana in Orlando who stated her Manager Hiram was on vacation until June 3. we explained what we were told & needed an explanation of why the shipment hadn't been delivered yet. She apologized for the inconvenience & after looking up our info, stated the shipment had been delayed. We're confused because no one had contacted us to advise of a delay. Naturally we're very upset at this point because all their system tells them about the shipment is that it's "In Transit". We told her to make herself responsible for this matter and be our contact person. We requested she investigate when the shipment would arrive in NY & let us know via telephone. We also requested the contact info for the complaint department & she could only give an email address to the Orlando office.

Yesterday, May 30, we called Viviana at the Orlando office again around 3p since we awaited her call all day. Another women answered & stated that she had left early for a medical appt. However, she did acknowledge knowing our situation and stated that Viviana had received a date of when the shipment would arrive in NY but didn't remember what that date was. We requested she give Viviana the message that we're still waiting for her call. The woman totally disregarded what had just been requested & said for us to call Viviana the next day around noon. We then called the NY office again & asked to speak to someone who can assist us with a complaint. We were transferred to Miguel Torres. According to him, every office handles orders differently & they should've explained that the shipment could take 2-3 weeks to arrive. He also stated that others don't like to be honest & advise you when there's a delay because they don't really want to tell you why. He continued stating that many times the shipment won't go out right away on purpose. They may not filled the container and so by waiting for other orders to come in before shipping, OUR order has then been delayed. Mr.Torres stated that if we were told the shipment was "In Transit", that only the Orlando office could find out approximately when it would arrive. I then asked for the contact info for a complaint department and he also gave us an email address but this time to the NY office.

Today 5/31, we called Viviana & she wasn't there again so we asked the woman to please stop giving us the run around & understand we've been calling her. She then said the shipment had arrived in NY. We called NY & spoke to Chris who stated that the container still has to be inspected by the police. It could take 3-10 addt'l days before it's released to them. WE told them this was unacceptable & that we were tired of everyone in this company giving us the run around and passing us from office to office. We called the Orlando office & requested a Manager higher up in the company that we may please contact about this lack of professionalism and incompetence. The gentleman answered that these offices were franchised.

Therefore we are coming to the BBB to make this complaint public. No one should have to go 3 days calling offices. Neither office wants to be made responsible for this matter.

No one in this company wants to take responsibility for this matter. Nor are they willing to resolve it. We can never get anyone to call us back and assist us. Every attempt made was made on my behalf. Dozens of call in 3 days and no progress.


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