American Recruiters - Bullhorn Software Lack of Support

Posted on Friday, May 31st, 2013 at 2:23pm CDT by Gino S.

Product: Recruiting

Company: American Recruiters

Location: 6400 North Andrews Avenue Suite 510


Category: Other

To my recruiter friends that use Bullhorn

Disenchantment with Bullhorn Recruiting Software

We are very frustrated with the reliability, sales and support from team Bullhorn. My company was in the middle of making some customizations with a rep who respectfully resigned from Bullhorn. This rep referred us to another internal individual who was to pick up the relationship and after several weeks of unanswered emails and voice message, we simply stopped trying. I even sent a message to Bullhorn via their ?contact us? feature on nearly two weeks ago and have not had so much as an acknowledgement.

It says a lot when you can get a sales person to call you back for upgrades let alone when you need support. We are disenchanted with Bullhorn and are exploring our options. I would appreciate any recruitment recommendations that you think are worthy for me to explore.


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