Posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 2:00pm CDT by Debra A.

Product: Phone Service

Company: Centurylink

Location: 100 CenturyLink Dr Monroe, LA 71203
SEATTLE, WA, 98042, US

URL: Centurylink.com

Category: Products, Services

I have been a customer of Centurylink/Qwest for almost 7 years since I move to Seattle and in all that time the Qwest service was bad but the Centurylink service is the worst! I was hung up on with the agent because I asked for a supervisor. I pay my bill on line and put in my checking account and routing number in and never had a problem I always check and print out to make sure I entered the information correct which I did. I was told from the first agent that my check came back as NSF and they put a $10.00 fee on my account. I knew that was not correct because I checked my account and it would of showed me that a check came back plus there was enough money in the account. I told the girl that the $10.00 needed to be reversed and I would give her my debit card to pay the bill. She said she could not reverse the $10.00 and if I wanted to pay over the phone I had to pay a $4.00 fee as well! I asked if I could speak to a Supervisor and she said hold and then hung up on me. I called my bank and wanted to make sure that what I was looking at on line was correct and my bank verified that nothing has come in at all for Centurylink. I called them back and got the collections department and told them the story and he said right away that no it is not an NSF it just did not go through because either the account was entered wrong (which I check and it was correct) or it was something that went wrong with there website.He also said HE did not understand why a $10.00 charge should go on if it is not an NSF and it just did not go through and he would give me a $10.00 credit and a $4.00 credit for using my debit card over the phone. Although he was helping me he really rushed me off the phone. So I called back and asked for a supervisor to report that I was hung up on and that the customer service is really bad. I got a man on the phone who was the supervisor I preceded to tell him my story and he said well you are wrong if you put your account number in wrong you get a $10.00 fee but I said to him I have the paperwork that has my account number and it is correct and he said well it was not there fault and you can say your correct and I will say I am correct and we will go no where. So much for the customer always being right not with this company! He then said that the agent gave me a one time credit and I told him that agent did not know why there was a fee when something does not go through he said well that is a training issue and I said is hanging up on costumers and training issues too?! He said yes well I said how do you correct it if the girl did not put notes in the system or her name or initials he had no answer.

Centurylink is a monopoly I called to see if I could get other company for phone and DSL internet service but there is nothing in my area so I am stuck with bad service! Something needs to be done about this company I hate them and I don't want my hard earn money going to this business!!!!!


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Business Reply  dcdaa5c4, 2013-06-03, 05:23PM CDT

We're sorry for the trouble this has caused you and would like to assist in anyway we can. If you'll email your account information via [email protected] a member of our team will get right back to you.

Thank you

Juan L., 2013-08-30, 08:59PM CDT

This happened to me just now, I experience to talk with a very mean centurylink representative who identified himself as anthony, He seemed like knew nothing about his job, he put me on hold for more than 5 minutes and gave no clear explanation(instead told me to call the financial department) What for? is it about why I am added by 15$, I asked if this could be waved and said it couldn't be so what is the use while I actually did pay my bill last 23rd of August, earlier of 2 weeks before the payment date. Imagine, I used a card with sufficient amount and am not that fool using a card without sufficient amount and I heard from the 2nd person I talked that "MAYBE" it is NSF. OMG, I do not know the modus of centurylink, I terribly feel mad and sad of this company. The only thing different is there are many competing networks in my place so I can easily find replacement. Your service centurylink sucks. I paid all the 55.64 bill today. so I can get a new service provider now.

70d612d3, 2014-05-28, 04:18PM CDT

The customer service people are uninformed and rude. Each time we call about the same issue, we get a different answer. First we were told we could get a higher rate interent for the same price we are paying for the lower rate. Great! But the bill went up $5. So we called about the bill going up and We were told we have been such loyal customers we could get a discount on our interent for the next year. But of course the bill comes and no discount. We call to find out about that and they said ,, she liked,, you don't get that discount. What is the deal? They claim they are recording the conversations, but does noone listen to the lies these people are telling you. There are no supevisors to talk to and complain to. The company is handled very poorly and really treat their long time employess with no respect. Don't even start with them.

dale d., 2014-12-29, 12:56PM CST

called centurylink to reduce my internet bill was on hold 45 mni then transferd and put on hold for 40 min then hung up on called back on hold for 32 min told to call back some other time want my bill lowered or service stoped 253-862-4379 my phone is 714-402-2715

06d1bfd1, 2015-05-12, 03:19PM CDT

THE WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE. Very rude agent told me she wouldn't transfer over to a supervisor and wouldn't even help with my issue. Called them back and new agent told me there's no way of seeing who the previous rude agent was because "some agents have figured out a way to exit out of account without leaving employee ID". WOW How do they hold anyone accountable for rude service?

j m., 2015-09-01, 09:59AM CDT

I live in Minnesota and I got my Internet in April of 2015 either there was the bad router or a bad connection to my house I called and told someone they offered to send someone out for $50 right on well I'm going to send my stuff back on and then they said oh no we can fix it and they reset the modem well everytime I try to watch a movie or go on the internet the router would go offline about every 5 minutes I called someone to help me many times and when they decided that they couldn't help me or when I ask for Superviser they put me back into the queue for someone else to take care of me I finally shut off my service in June and they have billed me up until the present time for services rendered when I shut off my account in June now they're telling me I owe them early termination fees after I have paid them $250 for two months of service I owe them $117 more according to everyone I talk to there

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