Posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 1:02am CDT by Steve S.

Product: Magellan Road Mate 2000 GPS


Location: 960 OVERLAND COURT
SAN DIMAS, CA, 91773, US


Category: Consumer Electronics

For a number of years I?ve owned and used a Magellan Road Mate 2000 moving map GPS in my car and been moderately satisfied with it. Sometimes it will map out a route which defies common sense, including back roads and additional unnecessary miles. For the most part it has been useful although based on experience I wouldn?t trust my life to it.

In the Raleigh, NC area the Magellan Road Mate 2000 seems confused and voice commands suggest turns in one direction while the on screen graphics indicate turns in the opposite direction. A separate GPS used at the same time in the same area yields accurate and usable directions.

The Magellan Road Mate 2000 GPS operates either on an internal battery or from a power supply plugged in to the car cigarette lighter. Over a period of years the internal battery has grown weak and doesn?t hold a charge as well as it used to. Even when completely shut off with the master switch, the battery charge diminishes over a few days. I fully understand that rechargeable batteries eventually require replacement.

A phone to Magellan was made to inquire about the purchase of a replacement battery. I was told they would not sell me a replacement battery. I inquired if they would accept the GPS from me and do a battery replacement, at my expense. Again the Magellan people said they would not replace the battery. When I asked what resolution they would suggest for my failing battery they said a new unit should be purchased. A company which won?t furnish or install a simple replaceable part and instead require a consumer to purchase an entire new GPS is not the kind of company with which I choose to do business.

Eventually the Magellan Road Mate 2000 GPS will be replaced, but definitely not with one from their company. With built-in navigation quirks and company denial of any battery replacement it is my choice not to do business with them again.


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