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Posted on Wednesday, May 29th, 2013 at 10:40am CDT by Ron P.

Product: Eye Glasses

Company: Lens Crafters

Location: OMAHA, NE, US

Category: Stores, Shopping

I purchased computer lenses and everyday lenses from Lens Crafters. My dog decided to chew up my everyday glasses which were prada frames with verilux lenses I paid 900.00 for the lenses alone. Thankfully I also purchased the insurance for them so they were replaced.

When they replaced my glasses they accidently put my computer RX into my everyday glasses. When I noticed it I called and spoke to a rep at the Westroads Lens Crafters,she asknowledged there had been a mistake and stated she would order the correct lenses right away.

They lied to their insurance rep telling him they told me not to wear the glasses. I notified them of the mistake on October 3rd 2012 on October 5th 2012 I took a step up a curb, the curb looked closer than it was. I fell down, broke my nose and my hand. My daughter's wedding was the next day so I had 2 black eyes a broken nose and hand.

I returned to Lens Crafters the following day they immediately apologized for the mistake,Beth the Manager told me to pick any frames I wanted and she would make me another pair of glasses while I was there.

They weren't able to make the lenses because something was wrong with their machine so I had to go to the Shadow Lake location. I had new glasses before I left Shadow Lake.

I don't know why they didn't offer this on 10/03/2012 when I called to say there was a mistake.

If they didn't want me to wear the glasses they should have made a temporary correction right away instead of waiting until I had my accident. Now they have to lie to cover their butts.

I did get a good eye exam there and thought about returning for my yearly exam until their insurance person called me and offered me 250.00

That's an insult considering my injuries not to mention the trips to Nebraska Orthopedics I had to make.

I did wear the glasses because I could see really well and didn't realize that steps or curbs depth perception might be off and Lens Crafters didn't mention it either, even though they will say they did.

They are liars, I will never do business with them again and I will post complaints on every site I can find. I also have pictures of my face with my broken nose and 2 black eyes maybe I'll post those as well.


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