Clary Solar San Diego - Pathetic Liars

Posted on Tuesday, May 28th, 2013 at 12:10pm CDT by 31ee5ac4

Product: Solar Installations

Company: Clary Solar San Diego

Location: 10360 Sorrento Valley Rd Ste C, San Diego, CA 92121
SAN DIEGO, CA, 92121, US


Category: Home, Garden

The only person still working at Clary Solar since the company was founded is the founder and CEO Junaid Qazi.

*I saw Junaid attempt to charge a customer more than his contract amount because the company didn't make enough profit.

*Junaid canceled a customer's job after contracts were signed and the customer waited two months for product delivery because it didn't make enough money.

*Junaid has often quoted inaccurate equipment pricing to sales staff, then forced sales people to pay out of their commission to cover the lost profit caused by his mistake.

*Junaid is consistently delinquent in completing state rebate paperwork on time.

*Junaid inflates the cost of mounting and racking prices in estimates to pad company profits.

*Junaid was habitually late, often months late, on commission payments which forced me to borrow money while waiting for my paychecks.

*The last accountant at Clary Solar was a highly qualified professional who had worked previously for Morgan Stanley (if I remember correctly). When he attempted to pay my final commission, Junaid fired him and deleted his records of my earnings. Junaid then manipulated the accounting records so I was owed less, then refused to pay even that lesser amount.

From a customer's perspective, Clary Solar is also a rip off. First, they claim to have been in business for over 40 years. This is a lie, they incorporated in 2008 as Solar Power Solutions, Inc. Clary Solar shares a name and owner with Clary Business Machines, so they make the 40 year claim based on Clary Business Machines's time in business. They are a very small Solar installer, with less than 75 systems completed in two years. About 30% - 40% of their former clients are extremely unhappy.

The key problem with Clary Solar is that Junaid Qazi lacks integrity. If you work for Clary Solar, eventually, you will get ripped off or hurt financially. That's why they can't retain employees. If you are a customer of Clary Solar, the install team does very good work, and you will probably get a good system. However, your rebate will be processed late, your contract may be modified or cancelled by Junaid half way through the process. Your rebate may be less than promised, and if that's the case, Junaid will attempt to collect additional money from you. Ultimately, you can't trust Junaid or any of his statements. If Clary Solar, Junaid specifically, makes any mistake while working on your system, Clary Solar will pass the cost on to you in lost time, frustration, and higher payments, guaranteed.

-- Bottom Line --

Don't accept a job from Clary Solar, it will ruin your life and hurt your career.

As a solar customer, don't let Clary Solar do your solar installations. You might be one of the lucky ones without any serious problems, but why risk it? Go to a reputable dealer that has more experience and most importantly ... integrity.


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