Applebee's - Scorching hot food

Posted on Thursday, May 30th, 2013 at 12:34pm CDT by Tracy M.

Company: Applebee's

Location: 45305 Seeley Dr
LA QUINTA, CA, 92253, US

Category: Food

Family evening of celebration at Applebees ended on a bad note. When we received the appetizers, no one notified us of hot food. We all engulfed in the artichoke dip and chips. My husband was the first to get the food into his mouth as I was dishing out portions to my 2 children. Upon trying to eat his first chip and dip he screamed and forced the dip out of his mouth abruptly. He was immediately burned on the tongue and roof of his mouth. WE chose not to eat the dip until it cooled off. Not thinking too much of the incident, we all began to eat again until my husband declared that his mouth was too sore and extremely uncomfortable. As the evening went on we decided to leave with our doggy bag of food not eaten due to our support to my husband whom was unable to eat due to pain. Within the hour, I decided to take him to the emergency room next door, the institution was not contracted with our insurance so I took him to the local urgent care center. He was diagnosed with 2nd degree burns to his palate and a scorched tongue. The physician had advised my husband to not eat solid food and to rinse frequently to flush the charred skin away and aid in healing. His pain and discomfort continued and he saw the doctor a second time. The physician diagnosed second degree burns again and advised to not eat solid food, flush and keep clean with a mild rinse of antiseptic to prevent infection. Pictures of this show the ulceration in the mouth that developed from this burn. I Am writing this complaint to inform all to be careful, we are frequent visitors to our local neighborhood restaurant and never had this artichoke dip served so piping hot that caused 2nd degree burns. Perhaps too much time in the microwave???? We received attention from the general manager whom advised the corporation immediately. We hope this can be resolved.

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Shecky95, 2014-07-05, 02:58AM CDT

Did you not see the steam rising from the dip or feel the warmth of the food while you was dipping it out to your children???? Actually it was the fault of your husband for "diving" into his food so quickly and not paying attention to his own food if he/you ate the dip before...of COURSE it would of been served hot!!!! Would you want it served cold ... of course not!!! Maybe your husband needs to slow down when his food arrives instead of "diving" right in, dont you think? Common sense here IMHO!

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