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Nina S., 2013-07-01, 10:32PM CDT

I ordered from HD Projector World June 2, and almost the exact same thing happened as the comment above. Only they phoned two days later to say, the model I ordered was no longer available and for $100.00, they would upgrade to a newer model. Of course, the original order never arrived, after almost three weeks, they said they would trace my package and then a week later stated it was truly lost. ( I never received a tracking number from them). I was promised a two day express delivery on a new shipment. A week later, still no projector. I emailed to request a refund to my credit card. Now they want me to verify my card number, which I am reluctant to do They promise an apology check of $50.00 as well. I plan to file a dispute through my credit card company. They are not to be trusted!

86e7d6e0, 2013-10-04, 05:29AM CDT

Julie V.- Same scenario as above. I issued a fraud alert to my credit card company. I ordered a projector and they gave me the runaround. Also issued a fraudulent tracking number from Fedex. The credit card company is optimistic they can get a refund to my card

because I called quickly. Don't buy here! September 30, 2013.

michael b., 2013-12-18, 11:50PM CST

I had similar experience I bought a projector for $349.00 after days of calling an emails a bogus federal express tracking info was sent to me when the date of delivery passed and no item received I contacted fedx who inform me they only receive information but no actually goods was delivered to them for shipment I have since contacted trust guard who open a dispute in my name

1480cb2a, 2013-12-20, 09:40AM CST

I really wished I would have read these posts, but the same thing is happening to me. I ordered a projector 11/18/13 and waited for my order they gave me a bogus fed ex number, it was supposed to arrive 12/04/13. Still not received my projector. They gave me a new express tracking number and it is supposed to arrive before Christmas, I put a tracking alert on this number and they have yet to give my projector to the shipping company. I am not sure how to get my money back if I could, open for any suggestions.

a0900411, 2014-03-28, 05:36PM CDT

I am extremely leery of this company. I ordered a projector on January 30th 2014 and it has been nothing but a hassle for the last two months. After repeated calls and numerous fake fed ex tracking numbers, I cancelled my order and requested a refund. I even heard another rep yelling at another customer. So unprofessional! It has been 3 weeks since my refund was requested and I have yet to see a credit. However, I did get hit with $1500.00 worth of fraud charges for airline tickets to the middle east? Coincidence? I think not!

Dale F., 2014-04-21, 01:35PM CDT

Do not do business with this company. I am sorry I did and will not do business with them or any other company without doing a company search first and see other peoples experiences were with the company. I returned my projector for repair. It has been 5 months and I am still waiting for my projector to be returned. First they told me they were waiting on parts for the first 3 months. They told me they had it fixed and it was shipped out. I never got it. When I called back they gave me the story that UPS lost it but they would send out another one. Still no projector. I called back and they then told me they needed an address not a PO Box (which I believe they already had) so I gave them my address again. Still no projector so I called and asked them for a tracking number and they finally gave me a FedEx tracking number the package was to be shipped 4/14/2014 and the delivery date was to be 4/21/2014. I have be looking up the status and it still shows that on 4/14/2014 - Monday

2:30 pm

Shipment information sent to FedEx it is now the 4/21/2104 and it still has not been shipped.

Pon P., 2014-04-28, 11:42AM CDT

"DO NOT do business with this company!!! I placed my order 3/31/2014 and as of 4/28/14 have yet to receive my shipment. I was told at first it went out via Canada Post w/o a tracking number (3-5 days shipping). Never received it and called back and they gave me a FedEx tracking number that still shows that only the information was sent to them on 4/08/2014,, but they never received ant packages. I called again and they claimed that it was lost by FedEx and did their "investigation". Called back again and they gave me a Canada Post Express tracking number (was suppose to ship 4/22/2014) which STILL shows that the info was sent, but no packages received by Canada Post. Called back and they said it would ship 4/24/2014 with no real reason as to why. Called back again on 4/28/2014 and they said it would ship today or likely tomorrow as they were getting more stock. I swear they said they manufacture these. The site says it too. I cancelled my order 4/28/2014 and they said my bank should process it in 5-7 days. I have this horrible feeling I will never see the money or the projector I ordered.

Again DO NOT DO BUSINESS WITH THIS COMPANY. Search other reviews and you'll understand why. I wish I had before I placed an order with them."

LISA C., 2014-05-22, 04:12PM CDT

Ditto. Ditto.Ditto. I have filed a complaint with my credit card company.

Pon P., 2014-05-22, 04:29PM CDT

Do not trust the reseller ratings for this company either. I posted a complaint and rating for this company and they pulled it because claimed I violated policy #9: The posting references an order, transaction, or other form of submission by the user, where an intent to do business or to make a purchase did not occur.

So I sent in my invoice along with the bogus tracking numbers and they have yet to reinstate my rating. I've sent them multiple emails and have yet to get a response from them. Do not trust any positive ratings of this company. It looks very suspicious when someone has a valid rating with supporting document and the rating still gets pulled.

fa2ca601, 2014-05-27, 12:34PM CDT

Ditto every one is telling my story 32 days later still no projector. I filed a dispute with my Credit card co. At this point I don't want the projector trust is lost who is to say that they will stand by it if it goes out. They offered me a $50 credit and an extra 1 year warrantee which I never did see. Do not buy from this company.

John L

d7578385, 2014-07-11, 07:21PM CDT

I have had the same issue with this company. I am reporting them to the better business burea and I need to call my Bank to see if they can reverse the charges. They gave an bogus tracking number they promised 3-5 ays delivery and it is 2 weeks later. They are a total ripoff company.

6d6878fa, 2014-07-24, 01:00PM CDT

This very same thing happened to me. I had ordered a projector for my husband as an anniversary present on July 4. The website clearly stated that orders would be shipped within 24 hrs and would include a free wall mount and carrying case. A week went by and I never received a tracking number or shipping notification so I called to speak with a representative (Red flag #1). I was told that my order had shipped the day before and there was no tracking number because of the type of carrier they used. I informed them that I had ordered the projector as a gift and absolutely had to have it on my doorstep within one week from the date of the original call. They assured me that it would arrive on time and that there would be no issues. Another week went by and still no projector. I gave them the benefit of the doubt and let an additional day go by before I called again. This time I was put on hold for about 15 mins and then told that they had a tracking number (Red flag #2). I immediately asked for the tracking number so that I could see for myself where my order was. They told me that during their investigation they discovered that the product was lost at the carrier facility. I explained how upset I was about the shipping delay because I now was empty handed on my anniversary. The manager tried to upgrade me to a $100 more expensive projector with overnight shipping but I insisted on getting the credit toward the projector that I ordered and that my original order be shipped overnight (This was on a Thursday). I received my order the following Monday and when I opened the box the bottom of the projector was scratched, the game controller looked like someone had drug it across concrete, and the wall mount and carrying case were missing (Red flag #3). It looked as if I had purchased the unit from a yard sale. This time my husband called to complain and they promised him an additional $50 refund for the damage and promised to ship out the missing products. When my husband got home, he tried to turn the projector on and it sparked and started smoking. He immediately called the company again and was told that in order for us to receive a refund or working product we must pay for return shipping back to Canada and and wait for them to receive it back (Final straw!). To ship this used and defective product back to Canada it will cost us an additional $50-80 dollars with tracking. I DO NOT trust this company AT ALL. We are now fighting the company through our credit card. We refuse to pay return shipping on a defective product that we will most likely not be refunded for.


Tony L., 2014-07-31, 02:27PM CDT

I had the exact same thing happen to me. I ordered a projector from them on 7/9/14. I waited the 3 days they said it would take for delivery. I emailed them requesting a tracking number. They sent me a Fedex number and said delivery on a certain date. On delivery day nothing next day I called Fedex they told me they had no record of picking up shipment and tracking number we were given was not a legit number. I called Jason at projector world. He apologized said they had a delay and would be on expidated shiping with delivery by Wed.(yesterday) It sounded a little suspicious so we called our credit card company. They agreed it sounded like a scam so they put a stop on it and told us they would take care of it and gave us credit. Today I called Jason again and he came out with several excuses again. I told him to cancel order and that our credit card had been notified. THIS IS DEFINATELY A SCAM!

4e71e658, 2014-08-09, 06:28PM CDT

Well I cannot believe I have been scammed Again!! I guess we just have to do business with our local stores. The internet is just getting to dangerous. Everything said by others about this has happened to me. Were is the fraud protection in this country? I think their are more scams than legitimate companies out there. I have just about had it! My projector did not arrive nor did FedEx or UPS know anything about it. I never even got a tracking number.

Tom P., 2014-08-11, 02:14PM CDT

What can I say, other than I am cureently experiencing the same 'run around'. The projector specs and price looked good, so I order on 20 July. Two tracking numbers provided so far, but no package to track~! Very frustrating and disappointing, and hard to believe they are still in business~!

69fec9fa, 2014-08-28, 05:41PM CDT

Crooks thieves deceptive LIARS bad product. Worked 4x then sizzles and went out. RUN FROM THEM. They never ship and then lie and say it was shipped

David, 2014-09-05, 12:24PM CDT


How do these people stay in business? when you search HD projectors they are on the top of the list how can they be there when they have horrible business ethics? There M.O. is sorry we forgot to send out the projector then they will say that Fed Ex has lost it! Scammers! Un-ethical! I had to file a claim against them!


86202c76, 2014-09-09, 07:02PM CDT

I also bought and never received the product . I purchased this on aug 18th 2014 and was told I would have it in 5 business days, I called after 2 weeks and was told they would do a investigation I informed them I did it myself and found out they sent out pickup ticket but no product was shipped. they told me that they would send another one out in two business days, well you guessed it its September 9 2014 haven't received anything from them not even a call ,even though I left several messages. these people need to be shut down if they are truly are scammers.

joann p., 2014-09-18, 07:56PM CDT

So, I am updating my complaint on this company. I had pretty much the same problem as everyone else here. FedEx number, damaged product, etc...

At first I was afraid I would never see the product or my money. And then after receiving it damaged I was afraid I was just out $500 bux. After contacting the company I received a call from management and was told I would receive a refund and to just keep the equipment. This is a major move to clearing there name. I am also told that the equipment is coming from Canada so it may have some real issues going through customs. Which I understand having worked at the airport and witnessing their procedure or lack of.

But I was very impressed how, not only was my money returned but how the manager not only emailed, me but called me today to check up on the refund. I'm just sorry that I have damaged equipment and the purchase was not smooth. But he also advised me that they will guarantee or fix any problems. I had to follow up my complaint and hope that everyone who has been negatively affected will be settled and follow up on their own complaint.

6c4d4ae0, 2014-09-21, 01:58PM CDT

I had the same delivery issues - they tell you 3-5 days delivery - it took a month before I received it. My biggest issue is the product quality. I ordered the "PRO Series 7".

The one I received was a very bad quality. I've had a couple projectors in past and this one is the worst by far. I could not even watch 30 mins of it.

I even called the company & made sure I had everything was hooked up correct and configured correct. (which I did) Didn't help.

I will never order anything from them again.


faa14ad5, 2014-10-03, 06:20PM CDT

OK my story is a little different. First there is a guy who answers the phone who is an arrogant A$$. This little tool is rude to the core and thinks hes intelligent. if he was as smart as he thinks he is he probably wouldn't be answering phones at a retailer. I had purchased a projector which took MUCH longer to receive than i was told it would be. Called to ask why and phone A$$ said ..."it takes 5- 8 business days." I said yes and business days are Monday through Friday non holidays and since its been 29 that's longer than 5-8. he said it would be here guaranteed by Thursday and it wasn't. finally arrived after 42 days. The projector broke and honestly they were great about repairing it and then even said that the better LED projector which would last longer was less money if I wanted to trade up they would refund me the difference!! GREAT! then it came! VERY fast!? so its hit or miss but still the little boy who answers the phone with his jack a$$ attitude ... i hope u are reading this u little prick. you are a phone operator at a retail store. get over yourself im a millionaire and u are a little prick.

9f3d78ba, 2014-10-13, 10:59AM CDT

i agree that you should not do business with this company. projector promised in 5-7 days; it took over a month. when i ordered it i asked if i could return it if it was not the right thing and was told that i could. no mention of the 15% restock fee!!!!!!!! this information was not in the order information so i dont think that it is legal!!!!!!. It cost me $65.00 to return the thing to canada!!!!!!!!! this information again was not explained to me. with all these complaints i dont know how it hasn't been shut down!!!!! they also gave me wrong tracking numbers and promises of delivery and finally delivered the projector to my home instead of the church where it was supposed to go. Not up front with all information. Dont order from this site!!!!

065a87b2, 2014-10-13, 10:05PM CDT

I also wish I would have read these complaints or done more research on this company. I placed and order on 9?30/14 and cancelled it the same day. They still charged my card and said it would be 7 days before I get a refund. As of tomorrow it will be 14 days. I will be calling my bank tomorrow.

Jack B., 2014-11-12, 03:47PM CST

I bought a projector Pro Series 9 (1000 lumens) . I'm not very contented. The picture is not clear. Over 2 month for refund! Many call for refund!!!

David Greenberg, 2014-11-19, 08:12AM CST

Well, I guess I should have read this page first. I'm now thinking I too, have just thrown away 500 bucks. I'm on my 3rd week of waiting, and was just told by Manager, James, today, that the projector will be re-shipped, expedited. If I get a projector, and it's not complete junk - I will be glad to update this comment. That being said, even if they make it right, I haven't been at ALL happy with my experience, thus far.

David Greenberg, 2014-11-19, 08:39AM CST

Update on above comment.

Well, it occurred to me that I don't want these guys having my cc info on file, so I've cancelled my card and am awaiting the replacement. Major inconvenience for me, but if they're willing to rip me off for the cost of a projector, where is their line in the sand? I've also noticed a huge increase in spam e-mails, since I forayed into this misguided venture. That tells me that they didn't waste any time selling my info, and perhaps - if any projectors actually exist - they could better spend that time shipping.

Here's the thing. I don't really care so much about the money. We're talking GEAR here. Insurance companies, lawyers, bill collectors and dentists - you expect to get burned. That's what they do. But AV companies? I've been buying and building audio-video equipment since I was in plastic pants, and NEVER have I had a problem. You just expect a little more from gear companies.

I feel betrayed. We're in this vocation or avocation, because we love it. And the companies we deal with feel the same. I've never been ripped off by a gear company, and trust me, there will be a reckoning.

I have contacted the Attorney General of my state, and filed a report with the U.S. Postal service (who can prosecute mail fraud - even if they're not the actual shipper). I have a strong Internet presence, and the Social Networks will soon be abuzz.

But if you happen to be reading this, I assume that you too, are an AV geek. Don't make my mistake. You already know tons of great and reliable companies that ship awesome products all over the world. Your home theater is your child. Don't buy ANYTHING from HDProjectorWorld, Oxegenergy, Ox Electronics or BestAV. (A quick Google search will confirm that they're all the same DBA. And a Google street view will show you that the British Columbia address is a mail drop.)

8a7261c8, 2014-11-20, 12:50PM CST

Run around is all this company does. No honest answers, called, emailed to no advantage. Ordered Oct. 10,2014, charged my account on Oct.12,2014 and still nothing. After my fourth attempt to get an answer, now they tell me that they don't have any information on my order. Is this a fraud company? They even show a Chamber of Commerce logo. I tried to enter the business on their search and they have no company on their files by that name. FRAUD????

David Greenberg, 2014-11-20, 01:35PM CST

A quick search of the BBB site reveals their "score" as "F." BBB states that their logo on the site is not an official link/logo.

c3b2fee5, 2014-11-23, 10:08PM CST

I ordered a project which I did not use for a while and when I did it was junk. It would not focus. After phoning them many times they agreed to refund some money after a hefty restocking fee and I had to pay over 60 dollars shipping fee which had to be sent to their specs. They wanted me to write in a $60.00 dollar value rather than what I had paid which I did not do. They kept the overhead I sent back but never got a refund check. After being sent to the finance department which I doubt exists I never received a check back for the initial purchase. The project had to be without one scratch and that had to be because it may have been sold to someone else I think.

shifka 75, 2014-12-05, 03:09PM CST

I placed this order without reading much about the company unfortunately. I placed the order 2 weeks ago and facing the exactly same situation which so many threads have mentioned. After repeated calling they said that its shipped via regular Canada post mail and no tracking number. I was supposed to receive it by now but no sign. I am really worried that my story is really getting on the same lines as others.

If I don't get the projector in next few days, I will report it to my credit card company.

38ca87e3, 2014-12-07, 09:24PM CST

oops should have read this first. Will see if my cc company can reverse asap.Should have stuck with my Amazon purchase. S--t

bb9e7ae8, 2014-12-15, 01:11PM CST

Like all the other comments on this blog, whatever you do, do not give this company your business or your credit card number. Continued to state that the package would arrive on a certain date, then lo and behold, package was lost by canada's postal service.

Total scam

shifka 75, 2014-12-17, 10:21PM CST

Just want to update my last post, I had the same experience as others and asked them to cancel my order. To my surprise, I received the call few days back from HDProjectorWorld support James Wang and he apologized for the issue and told me that they will not only refund but provide the free projector.

Today I have received my refund and the projector as well. Though the projector model does not say its Pro series 9.

I don't understand why they give the first impression that is so bad. Hope that they can improve their customer experience that will avoid such incidences.


bb9e7ae8, 2014-12-17, 11:42PM CST

Sorry Kashif, I have a hard time believing your post. Are you sure you don't work for the company. I certainly never received a personal phone call and I certainly never received a free projector.

I also checked the BBB (after I bought, go figure), and there are over 40 complaints that the scam company never even bothered to respond to. And that's the BBB. Guess what their score is. An F. As in your F----- if you send them your hard earned money.


38ca87e3, 2014-12-18, 10:01AM CST

Update.... Canada post rejected the shipment...Investigation had started...Fed ex tracking number provided...bogus as it missed the cut off!....more bogus... a new tracking number will be provided... bogus did not happen....Kashif your full of it also....Thinking it must be an insurance scam on lost products? Hard to believe these people are in Canada and no one has broken their legs yet. Credit Card has been notified to reverse charge...takes time lets see....If you have money to burn it may be worth the entertainment. How does someone wake up and go answer the phone all day and BS for eight

shifka 75, 2014-12-18, 02:59PM CST

Hi Mike,

Not at all, I don't work for the company. I was equally frustrated as you are. Reading all the -ve reviews I called and asked for the refund (as I did not receive any projector) and added my comments here. That was for my surprise that they contacted me reading my comment that I passed earlier and issued the refund as well as the projector. I have advised them that their initial process is so bad that it creates a very bad impression and everyone is getting exactly same experience. Try to contact Games Wang who called me, he seems to be a nice fellow. Based on his request I have updated the review as well. At least worked for me.

I hope they understand this time and realize their poor customer service which gives the impression of a fake company.

David Greenberg, 2014-12-18, 03:08PM CST

Shifka. As I understand these complaints, most people - like myself - never get anything from these people, but those who do, have complained as to the quality of the product. I would be interested in hearing your opinion on how the free projector they sent you, works.

faa14ad5, 2014-12-18, 05:38PM CST

Ok ... let me reiterate my issues with this company and maybe this will help you David Greenberg. I have spoken to a MANY people at this company. 2 Years ago I found them online and purchased a projector. it DID take forever to get (they clearly NEVER ship these on time EVER from what ive seen. ) You WILL be told its on its way and then it wont come. period. WHen you call the guy who answers the phone is a complete pompous ahole. (i know u will read this whatever your name is... you are a secretary get over yourself. Im a doctor and i make more in 1 week than u do in a year so stop acting like u are great u moron. answer your phones and do your job.) ALL THIS BEING SAID.... I received my projector which was a pro series 6. after less than a year my bulb went. they said "ship it back and we will ship u a new one. THEY DID! they actually did. I actually love the projector although it wasn't as bright as i wanted. more time went on and i started having issues again so i called. they said ... send it back and we will upgrade u for free. They put me into an LED projector and said the bulb wouldnt burn out. it took MONTHS! (3 to be exact) call after call after call being told.. Oh you will have it monday ...oh you for sure will have it thursday.. call back if you dont have it friday morning. SAME THING EVERY TIME I called! and ARROGANT BOY was an ass every time. he knew me by name. I asked for a supervisor and he said ... I will overnight this to you and they did. They are a complete group of morons for the most part with a couple decent people. The product is good but i dont know if its worth the hassle. too bad they could be great and be a huge company. hope this helps!

faa14ad5, 2014-12-18, 05:42PM CST

sorry to everyone else about my doctor comment and him being a secretary. i dont feel im better than anyone else. i just have a different job and believe everyone is important i just get fired up by this moron. he should be fired clearly so should 80 % of these people

879a3a07, 2014-12-19, 10:12PM CST

I just had an unbelievable experience with this company. First, I ordered a projector on the 2nd of December and for two weeks no sign of it despite the fact that they were claiming they would ship it the next day. After trying to contact them by e-mail and calling them several times when I would be put on hold for an indefinite time, I decided to write a bad review of the store. They read my review and the guy who introduced himself just by his first name James and said he was the owner of the store offered me a full refund and a projector for free. That was a little bit strange, but he also promise that the projector will come next day. And, truly, the projector arrived today. It is a piece of junk that doesn't work whatsoever and on the top of everything there was an invoice for $50. The whole thing seems like a huge scam. Instructions were also strange and somewhat amateurish. On top of everything, nowhere it is visible where the thing was made. For all practical purposes, it could be that the inside of a box that resembles a projector there is nothing. Be very careful when you are dealing with this place.

shifka 75, 2014-12-20, 03:54PM CST

Well David, I ordered pro series 9 (which I cancelled and got my refund) but the projector I got is saying model number RD-802. I am not sure if they sent me the complimentary one which is not pro series 9. This model is a very cheap make and I checked selling on ebay for 50-60$.

So I don't know if they sell RD-802 as pro series 9 or just send me one as complimentary. if they say that pro series 9 is RD-802 then its no match to the specs they claim on their website. 1000 lumens compared to 60 lumens and native resolution of 480*320 compared to 1024 x 768, contrast of 1000:1 compared to 10,000:1 on their website.

But I am glad that I got my money back.



David Greenberg, 2014-12-21, 07:00AM CST

Thanks for answering, Shifka.

lisette s., 2014-12-29, 03:49PM CST

Here is my story...had I been smart, I would have researched this company ahead of time, but they got me when they stated the projector was great for small church use, which is what I wanted it for in the first place. Anyway, I ordered it 11/24/2014 - took my money right out of the bank! Promised it would be here before Thanksgiving - didn't happen. Called 12/5/14 - person I talked to had an attitude, said it hadn't shipped out of Canada yet because of some slip up - promised it was being shipped as we spoke; 12/13/14, still not here, called again to cancel order. Requested a refund verbally and through an e-mail. E-mail response- "you will get your refund 5-7 business days" It is 12/29/2014. Just got off the phone with the company - person said "Oh,we must have sent it to the wrong account! we'll take care of this immediately. I will personally send you a conformation e-mail". If anyone has been successful in getting a refund, God Bless You! I will get a lawyer and file a complaint. NEVER! NEVER! NEVER! buy from this company. I've learned my lesson!!!!!!!!!

8ffc4bd3, 2015-01-09, 02:12PM CST

Same issue with my order. Never did receive it. Ordered in November 2014. December the 17 after many emails, promises of delivery two boggess tracking numbers from FedEx and UPS, was told it was lost in shipping, would send it out priority next day never to see the projector they said they would issue a credit which never happened either. I would not order from this company.

7e5c6561, 2015-01-15, 10:26PM CST

LIke the rest, i wish I would of seen this site before i ordered...I ordered a projector on Dec 11, 2014 -HD Projector World. The site said free shipping UPS ground. I ordered and figured it would show up. On Dec 17 I had not recived it, I had received an order confirmation but not a shipping notice/tracking number. I asked them via email where my projector was. They said it " We shipped the item a few days later than normal, It was shipped using postal surface mail, so there is no tracking number". I thought that is interesting, for a $500 projector, they would not want to track it. Anyway I figured i'd see it around christmas. On Jan 05, 2015 I emailed them agian and they said that they would ship me one UPS ground, I said fine, I waited until Jan 14 and contacted them agian and asked for the tracking number to prove they shipped it or I was going to contact the credit card company to get my money back. "Please do not contact the card company. It complicates the transaction tremendously. Instead, please allow me to give you the refund on our side." They never said they shipped it or anything about the projector. Obviously they never shipped it to me. All I call say is Liars, stay away from this company. I do not have any expectation that they will refund my money without me contacting the credit card company....

David Greenberg, 2015-01-16, 07:51AM CST

I have been following this thread since my incident with HDPW, back in November of 2014. I did manage to get my money back, by going through my bank. I also contacted the Massachusetts Attorney General, and they assigned a mediator to the case. The mediator informed me that she had spoken to James, and HE had provided the refund. I imagine he did refund my bank, because they did credit my account. Within a few minutes of my phone conversation with the mediator, James called me. He told me that for my inconvenience they would ship me a free unit, anyway. I told him that I would test it - I'm a professional video engineer and repair tech - and if it proved to live up to its specs, I would write an addenda to my entries on this list. He agreed, and asked me if I could wait until after the holidays, to better facilitate shipping. I said I would wait, but I made it clear that I no longer cared about the projector at all, and that if he wanted to do this - to make it right, and to help clean up the name of his business - that was on him. I still have received NO projector.

But I don't get it. If he was just a thief and a liar, why call me and make unnecessary offers? The case is settled.

Kim, 2015-01-16, 05:53PM CST

Hi Everyone, I am so sad to have read these posts. I am in the same situation as the rest of the people on this site. I ordered a Projector on November 11, 2014. I was told 3-5 days delivery. Of course 4 weeks later after not receiving the item I requested a refund. I have received emails filled with lies from this company. Always at the end of the e-mails I am 100% guaranteed and promised that in 3-5 business day I will have my refund. It is now January 16/2015 and still I am being promised 3-5 days and I will have my refund. I have a suggestion, why don't all the Canadian buyers join a group and we can seek legal counsel. I am sure if we tallied up all the money that this company has stolen from people is quite a bit. These people need to be shut down and an investigation started on this company. Everyone needs to keep all their emails and replies from this company. I have all mine, I am quite sure we would have quite a case...I for one, am going to do something about this.

Wayne B., 2015-01-21, 11:18AM CST

I should have known when every time I checked the same sale was ending at 11pm. Order projector 12/4/14 and 7 weeks later never got it. Just spoke with supervisor and said he will credit my card, we will see because the other 5 times I call they didn't do anything they said they would.

Jim W., 2015-01-29, 12:00PM CST

First time shame on them. Second time on me. Ordered a projector from them last fall had a terrible time receiving the complete order. Finally did after 1 month. Now my customer wanted another projector like the one I installed. Ordered on Jan 2, 2015. They promised delivery within 7 days. Now after many calls and as of today, still no projector. Three times now they promised overnight delivery. BS..... I feel that this company is a rip off. They charged my credit card on the day I placed the order. It was only around 600.00; but think about doing this to a 1000 people. That is a lot of interest. I would never abuse my customers like this. Never, Never, Never..... again. The price is not worth the aggravation and loosing my customers over.

Jp S., 2015-02-19, 11:45PM CST

JP Salazar 2/19/2015

Hi, everyone, I was looking for a nice and affordable projector, even after I read a lot of bad reviews of this company and I couldn't find any videos of this product, I decided (who knows why) to give them a chance so I bought the pro series 7 HD LED yesterday (2/18/15)for $329 and I ordered by phone, this pro series 7 has 2,100 lumens, lots of inputs and promised to be a great projector wich comes with really good features, I paid for FAST DELIVERY ($34) and I just got an email alert from UPS stating that my product is here in Seattle ( where I live). I noticed that the 90% of the complaints are related to the customer service & delivery but just a few about quality and performance. I will receive this product tomorrow (2/20/2015)

Definitely can said that I'm 100% satisfied with the handling & shipping process.

This weekend I will update this review, and I will let you know about the quality and performance of the product

1049b063, 2015-03-09, 05:09PM CDT

BUYER BEWARE!!!!!!!!! I purchased a projector (poor quality) from this company in October 2014 and immediately returned it and now it is February 2015 still no refund. We were given the excuse we credited the money back to the wrong credit card (Wow!), after speaking to several agents and not getting a resolution, we had to report HD projector world to our credit card company in order to get this issue resolved. I do not understand how they have such great reviews and so many complaints here. I wish I could figure out how to write this review on their website because this experience has been an absolute nightmare.

de94bbc2, 2015-02-23, 08:32PM CST

I own a sports bar in Tennessee and while looking for a good deal, I came across these guys on the internet. Great sales people and pricing hooked me. I bought 2 projectors, one for home and one for business. They were both led, which was exactly what I was looking for. The one in my business lasted about a year and got a really dim area on the left side of viewing area. Since smoking is allowed in my business, I wasn't too upset about the dim area. Understandably, smoke and electronics do not mix well. I chaulked that one up as a loss.....not their issue. ( I think ) The one in my home, lasted also about a year and just wouldn't turn on one day. It was used approx. 10 times in a whole year. We only used it in our basement home theater, so it was actually used very little, since we watch TV in our living room not the theater. When I attempted to return it for service, I was shocked at what it would cost to ship it to and from them in Canada. The "great" salesman talked me into buying a new one since it was so expensive to ship, repair, and ship back. Got my new one that was supposed to be even better and brighter than the previous. (of course it took a month to get it, with a bunch of lies about why I don't have it yet) Finally got it and shocked at how bad the picture was. Colors were fake and plastic looking......talked to the guys there and all they did was jerk me around about why the picture was so bad. "try this setting and that setting, blah blah blah" I tried everything and the picture was awful. I will point out that I took down the 1st projector that looked great before the unit died and simply replaced it with a newer, "better" one. All cabling remained the same. I even had Directv help me and they affirmed the projector was junk. I tried DVD player.....still terrible picture! Over a month I dealt with this and when I finally gave up on this unit and demanded my money back they said I'm over my 30 day return policy. I warn you all......If you get lucky enough get a good unit, you will save money, but I am 0 for 3 on dealing with them. Pay a little extra and buy American, even if its Best Buy or Wal Mart or online. Dealing with these egomaniacs in Canada is pretty much "as - is" From my perspective, NOT WORTH THE RISK DEALING WITH THESE GUYS! AND IF YOU NEED TO RETURN OR COMPLAIN..........YOU'RE SCREWED! I don't ever review or complain, but I felt obligated to warn people what its like dealing with these guys. NEVER AGAIN.

bb9e7ae8, 2015-02-23, 09:56PM CST

JP your full of shit. I don't believe one word of your post. Your grammar sucks, so you obviously work for this loser company.

957b85eb, 2015-03-12, 09:38AM CDT

I've had all of the problems listed above. I cancelled my order after not receiving anything for 6 weeks. After I dispute the charges then I get one in the mail 3 months after I ordered. I wouldn't have received one if I didn't dispute charges. Now they want me to pay to ship it back. Ha! That will not happen. This company is group of scam artists that now the system. Jason is the worst of them all. I like to think there is a special corner in hell for people like him. What a bunch of crooks!

Jp S., 2015-03-12, 10:54AM CDT

No, I don't work for them, and like I mentioned in my previous comment, the shipping was fast!, BUT!,

As soon I opened the box I knew that the product was garbage, some kind of refurbished piece of crap low profile old technology projector!!!

Not new, not led, nothing was like they advertised. I emailed this company and let them know that this was a fraud, and ask for the 100% of my money, including the shipping and of course they don't replied.

So I called my credit card company after 1 day, told them that I bougt something and received something totally different ( this is enough reason to get you money back asap) and in less than 24 hours I got the money back to the account, and of course, as soon my credit card company contacted them, they contacted my by email telling me that they will refund the 100%, that I just need to sent it back, I replied that as soon I receive a prepaid label, I will send back that crappy projector... (DONT PAY FOR THE SHIPPING! They will not refund that)

Couple days after that nasty experience, I bougt a wonderful projector (LG PA77U $599 no tax no shipping)

My advice: don't be cheap! if you want a projector, buy something from a non-sketchy company!

I know my grammar sucks... but trust me, not more than project world company!!!!!

Jim W., 2015-03-12, 12:02PM CDT

Updating my previous post....Thank goodness for pay-pal....... Projector Words employee promised that if the unit did not arrive un the promised date, he would send a 50.00 credit. needless to say it didn't. I returned the unit that finally arrived after the date promised. I was told by MS Yuen that they would also reimburse me the return shipping. Well after them... receiving the unit and my monies not been returned, I disputed the charges to Pay-Pal. Long story short. I have only gotten the original 569.00 for the purchase price. Not the promised 50.00 for being late nor the 53.00 to return it. If anyone buys from this company after reading this post, they are a fool and no one should feel sorry for them.

Jim W., 2015-03-12, 12:07PM CDT

I forgot to mention that Pay-Pal got my money back from them.....They did not send any money.

David Greenberg, 2015-03-12, 03:03PM CDT

Well, I finally received the promised projector. The unit has no model# or other identifying label, but I'm told its a <i>Pro-16</i>. I inspected it thoroughly, as I was leery of plugging it in, out of the box. I tested the power supply by ramping it up to full power on a Variac. The meter on the Variac showed no sign of shorts or other faults. I hooked it up to my system, and began the process of setting it up for evaluation. The composite input appears to have an internal tuner, but I am unable to make it work for standard composite. The VGA input works fine. The unit has no real compensation for improper installation. The keystone control is actually mechanical, and works by moving a mirror inside the unit. This results in focus problems when using keystone adjustment. An electronic adjustment would have made more sense, and would probably be as inexpensive to implement or even more so. The only workable solution is to insure that the projector is properly placed in relation to the screen.

Upon disassembling the unit, I discovered that it is <i>indeed</i> an LED lamphouse assembly. The display chip is standard LCD. I would have been happier with a DLP, or a Light-valve. But the image is clear, the focus is acceptable, and the saturation, contrast and brightness are really quite good. I was surprised by the size of the internal heatsync assembly, and the quality of the fan.

I have been running it now, at 1280 x 1024/60" for about 2 weeks - at least 1hr. per night, and have had no issues. <b>All things considered</b> it's a decent little projector. It's not great - I prefer my Sharps, and nothing compares to my Aquastar 3 gun CRT - but for the cost, it's a pretty decent little guy.

I do not work for this company, and have no stake in posting this review. Those of you who have been following this thread, know that I was one of the first to complain, and have posted several times since.

I honestly don't know what the problem is with HDProjectorWorld. I originally thought they were just crooks, but now I see that they do indeed make and sell projectors. It just seems to take them an exceedingly long time to do that. Perhaps, if they changed their marketing to indicate that each unit is made to order, and that they require sufficient lead time to do that, customers would not be so disappointed. I would have gladly waited the 4 months it took them, if I had been told <i>up front</i> that that's what it was going to take.

5c6c7048, 2015-04-13, 01:22PM CDT

4-13-15 I feel lucky to have gotten a refund on my purchase but it was like putting teeth. The staff will lie to you every single time so you can not believe a word they say or expect them to do what they say they will do. I am still waiting for a refund check for the cost to mail back the broken projector to them. If I had been smarter, I would have insisted on them sending me a pre-paid return label. Cost me $35.00 to mail it back. This company is the worst!

Jim W., 2015-04-13, 09:19PM CDT



86e7d6e0, 2015-04-14, 06:27AM CDT

Why hasn't this company been ordered to shut down. They have operated under at least 3 companies all of which have been a scam-Julie V.

86e7d6e0, 2015-04-14, 06:28AM CDT

Why hasn't this company been ordered to shut down. They have operated under at least 3 companies all of which have been a scam-Julie V.

b084a74e, 2015-05-05, 07:00AM CDT

I purchased my $900 projector on February 28th, 2015. The website said it was in stock, next day shipping via Fed-ex 3-5 days. After multiple phone calls and emails one of the employees let it out that they don't have it in stock. The previous stories were the same as everyone else on this thread, lost in shipment (sent by mail-not Fed-ex and no receipt), "will resend", "we'll give you a $35 credit for being late", a tracking number but never picked up by UPS, the list goes on.

I finally canceled the order and demanded a refund. They said they issued it and will show up on my credit card in 3 days. I immediately filed with my cc company. Now, May 5th, there still is no credit showing up on my card. My cc company is not holding me liable until they finish their investigation. I'm hoping they will be able to do something with this company.

Stay as far away from them as you can!

5219f49d, 2015-05-13, 02:48PM CDT

They sent me a projector that did not work and i sent it back I doubt that I will ever see a dime come back. Don't ever deal with these guys they are crooks.

5c6c7048, 2015-05-14, 10:15AM CDT

Update: After unsuccessfully dealing with the company and the BBB of Canada, in order to get my refund....I am now going to file a complaint with Canada's Consumer Protection agency: I am posting this information here with hopes others will do the same.

I also learned on that the company is only 3 people and is NOT the big company it portrays itself to be. Go to

See for yourself.


Toll free: 1-888-564--9963 Fax: 250-920-7181 Email: [email protected]

Address: #307-3450 Uptown Blvd., Victoria BC V8Z 0B9

f699664e, 2015-05-18, 07:47PM CDT

Wow! I really feel like an idiot. I wished I had read these comments before. I have the same story, ordered a projector 3/07/15. It's 5/18/15, no projector, no refund. I only hope this company gets shut down. They STINK

4fdca2bd, 2015-05-23, 10:28AM CDT

HDProjectorWorld ( is a total ripoff. I had numerous email followups to someone named James about where our order was. It was promised many times that there would be a delivery and nothing was delivered. Upgrades and extended warranty were also offered. Finally I had to go to my credit card company to seek resolution for this. They get the money and do not deliver any product. I am very suspicious of any positive recommendations for this company. I strongly suggest avoiding this company.

6e93b7c2, 2015-05-26, 12:42PM CDT

HDProjectorWorld ( is a total fraud. Don't believe anyone leaving positive comments because probably most of them are fake, done by this 3 person company posing as a huge enterprise. They are masters at deceitful business practices and have ready made lies for why orders are not received or refund not given. The manager, James, is a very cool and collected guy who has mastered the act of making false promised that he knows will never materialize. I placed 2 orders for 2 projectors, paid for expedited shipping and all I got were excuses upon excuses until I cancelled the order. I was promised a refund but after 10 business days lapsed, I was lied to that my refund was sent to someone else by mistake and that I should wait for another 10 business days. This was about 1 month ago and still no refund.

This company is a scam. Buyer beware!

Jeff B., 2015-06-19, 12:14AM CDT

Ordered on 5/11/2015. Have been given the same runaround as others have posted. First was told it shipped out and was lost by FedEx. Then told they were reshipping it. Then told they were out of stock. Finally, I received a tracking number. When I checked it a week later, the product still had not been sent to UPS. A second tracking number was given to me. Checked that number today. It still has not been sent. I cancelled the order today (6/19/2015) and was told to expect a refund in 3-5 days. After reading these posts I am contacting my credit card company immediately to request a refund.

David Greenberg, 2015-06-19, 08:32AM CDT

I've been following this thread for the better part of a year now. I'm not fake, and I don't work for the company. I DID receive a projector, and it is AS GOOD as advertised. However, my state has a mediation program provided by our Attorney General's office. I utilized that service. During our mediation, I expressed my anger at being ripped off - not because of the money. 500 bucks is a lot of money, but certainly not more than I've had to eat, in the past. I told James that my anger was intensified because I'd never been ripped off by an AV company. I've been a professional in this industry for almost 40 years. He agreed to send me a projector, even though the mediator had already secured my refund. The first thing I did, was to disassemble the product. It is indeed an LED lamphouse, and although the chip isn't DLP, it is a 1280P LCD. The fan and heat sync are extremely good quality. The case and the rest of the parts are consumer grade. This isn't a bad little unit for home projection. It doesn't begin to compare to either of my Sharp Metal Halide pjs, or my 3 gun Aquastar CRT (made back in the '80s). Mounting is critical, as the keystone adjustment is really terrible - mechanical, a moving mirror - and there is no bow-tie, tilt or other adjustments. But the image is certainly up around the stated 2K lumens, and if properly mounted and focused - the picture is sharp.

I agreed that IF I received a projector, I would give a FAIR analysis of the product on this page. I did that (scroll up).

My point is, I absolutely agree with everything I've read on this thread. That being said, SOMEBODY at that location does indeed build projectors, and one can be had, if you massage/threaten them a bit.

That's all I'm saying, and this 2nd review certainly doesn't sound like someone who's shilling for the company.

faa14ad5, 2015-06-19, 11:37AM CDT

OK i have taken a LONG time to write a follow up to MY initial review. I have had a LONG history with this company. I had a projector that broke almost immediately and they told me to ship it back and they would fix it. The shipping back to Canada from Florida was ridiculous to get a "free repair" but that isnt their fault. (you will see the problem with this in a moment) When they received my projector they said it can take a while to get to it. They also use this excuse a lot... "We are waiting for the part from China" or ... "we have to wait for the new unit but its en-route from China" after over 3 weeks of waiting they said it had been shipped. It wasnt. I have the same story repeated over and over again in this thread. I had to FIGHT with them to get my projector back and I was indeed lied to repeatedly and given much attitude by one of the employees (owners) the only person that pretends to care is the "manager" who most people refer to on here as "James" not sure if thats really his name but thats who you will get if you ask for the manager and he seems to be the one who realizes how close they are to being shut down for poor business practices. He is the one who will take threats seriously. The moron who answers the phone 90 % of the time is an arrogant little prick and the one who repeatedly gave me "shipping numbers" which were bs. My second projector was an "upgrade" to the proseries 7 which they gave me for no upgrade price. it boasts a 20,000 hour led life. it lasted less than 3 months and i was told to send it back. GOD HELP ME i did and it took months to get back and once again i was in business. sadly once again the led started flickering after only a couple of months. 20,000 hours isnt even close. i called and said please just send me a bulb i can replace it. they said it would void the warranty if i opened it but at this point i was tired of spending all this money sending it back so i called James. I told James I had been lied to so many times and had so many stories of their deceit that i was calling the us federal trade commission and he said "ill send you a free projector!!" long story short they did. i took the bulb out of the old projector and did an image search. i found the company that makes THIS BULB and they shipped it to me from china almost 3 days and i had it in hand. it isnt the bulb that HDPROJECTORWORLD shows on their website. its a completely different bulb. i was able to put it in very easily (not for some people because yes there is some technical skill needed and soldering ) but i had no problem getting it in and guess what!? the bulb went again after 3 months!! SOOOO i contacted the bulb manufacturer and they said this projector may not work with this bulb!! WTF? it is the EXACT bulb that was in the machine i bought. so the machine although looking solid isnt using the right equipment according to the bulb manufacturer. Spend the extra money. go somewhere else. I did as good as you can with this company and im still not happy.

lisette s., 2015-06-19, 07:55PM CDT

Damn! What can I do to get my money back????? I went through the Canadian Business Bureau and still couldn't collect. So happy for everyone who has settled their claim, however I've been ripped off - COMPLETELY!!!!!!

5c6c7048, 2015-06-21, 06:59PM CDT

Anyone having trouble getting their money back...try


Toll free: 1-888-564--9963 Fax: 250-920-7181 Email: [email protected]

Address: #307-3450 Uptown Blvd., Victoria BC V8Z 0B9

Paul H., 2015-07-06, 12:37PM CDT

Just to update the various comments below. I returned a projector. Paid to ship. Paid for repair. No projector returned. Now it is Canada post who lost it. Refunds promised. None received. Fraudulent business practises. DO NOT USE THEM. If want to give money away find a worthy charity.

917ec39a, 2015-07-11, 02:45PM CDT

My church ordered a projector from this company. The funds was promptly removed from the account but we have not received the projector. I asked for a refund if there was a problem in the delivery of the projector. I am now held responsible for the funds. (Money I do not have.) This is very embarrassing for me and my family. I have made several attempts to contact this company without success.

Paul H., 2015-07-11, 06:08PM CDT

James has promised me a repayment immediately into my visa acct. Nothing yet. 4 days later. A refund was sent to wrong person. Another cheque for the projector is to be arriving this week.

Paul H., 2015-07-11, 06:08PM CDT

James has promised me a repayment immediately into my visa acct. Nothing yet. 4 days later. A refund was sent to wrong person. Another cheque for the projector is to be arriving this week.

Paul H., 2015-07-11, 06:09PM CDT

James has promised me a repayment immediately into my visa acct. Nothing yet. 4 days later. A refund was sent to wrong person. Another cheque for the projector is to be arriving this week.

Paul H., 2015-07-11, 06:10PM CDT

James has promised me a repayment immediately into my visa acct. Nothing yet. 4 days later. A refund was sent to wrong person. Another cheque for the projector is to be arriving this week.

199f84fa, 2015-07-20, 10:07AM CDT

Every thing every post here is correct. This guy is a scam artist and is stealing from each of us and then our credit card companies because they are the ones paying us back. A complete sham and thief, a crook at its finest. Not sure how to get him banned, there has to be a way. He is very knowledgable about the underlying facts on the credit card disclosures. He stated them to me. James is a crook and he needs to be stopped. If anyone knows how please advise. And guaranteed he is doing it again to someone else today.

69817e1e, 2015-07-26, 03:47PM CDT

Just filed a dispute with my credit card company. Ordered 6/29/2015. Confirmation sent to me. 2 weeks nothing received. I called. "Must be lost in mail". They would resend a projector. I had to call to get tracking number. They waited 4 days to send that. Bogus tracking info. BEWARE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

2de498f7, 2015-07-30, 03:29PM CDT

Here is what I would suggest to everyone. Contact the Richmond, BC office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and file criminal fraud charges against the company.

Richmond RCMP

Main Detachment

11411 No.5 Road

Richmond BC V7A 4E8


Non-Emergency Phone: 604-278-1212

If enough of you call, they can prosecute these folks.

4846ce27, 2015-09-01, 01:06PM CDT

Oh, boy... same kind of story with me. I do a lot of business online, and have learned from this the important less not to buy anything without check first for online complaints. This company is bad news!!!

5d964ba9, 2015-09-09, 03:26PM CDT

Whatever you do, DO NOT order a projector from these ripoff guys. I took a chance against all of the other bad reviews because a friend was actually lucky enough to actually receive a device from them and it seemed good. But, 5 months later, they are still waiting on their case and accessories that were promised. I placed my order, my card was immediately charged, and I started calling them 2 weeks later asking for updates. I got excuse after excuse. At one point, I was even given a UPS tracking number, but UPS was NEVER given a package for the label they generated. Then, I asked for a refund. After 30 days of excuses as to why the refund hadn't been processed, I had to dispute the charge through my card provider. HDProjectorWorld then promised me a free Pro 9 unit for the trouble. 2 months later, all I'm getting are email excuses and no unit. Every week, I get a "guarantee" that I will have the unit next week. Now, they are saying, but you got a refund. NOT THE POINT. YOU offered the free unit. YOU never sent it just like you NEVER sent the original order. Buyers, run for you life. This has to the the WORST company on the planet!!!

f8e1a4de, 2015-10-20, 12:41PM CDT

What I want to know is how many millions have they rip off from people in the USA, after one month of BS from them had credit card company take care of the problem and get my money back, they do not tell you on there web site that they charge you to convert US dollars to Canadian dollars. Also they piggy back ads on Amazon, SO BE AWARE!!!!!

8cb78a75, 2015-10-21, 12:31AM CDT

Please run when you see HDProjector online. Don't think it's a good deal because their projectors were fairly priced, they are using people's money to do business. I just finished talking to my credit card company about them. I had to report them because they refused to refund my money, kept giving me bunches of excuses everyday regarding the refund. I ordered a projector on August 21st of this year, I called them on Aug 28th to ask about the status of my order, they said they were sorry they just shipped it out Aug 26th and it would take a maximum of 2 weeks before I got it. They even said they would give me a free extra year warranty just because they shipped it late. I have not got any projector up till now, today is October 20, 2015. I bought another projector, after too much time of waiting, from Walmart store which took less than 5 days to arrive. HDProjector said they would either refund my money or send another one through priority mail. I asked them to send another one through priority mail. I waited for over a week but nothing came in the mail. I called them to ask for what happened, they told me the projector was out of stock. This actually baffled me a lot! I was initially told the projector was mailed on Aug 26th but now I was told it was out of stock. What a big lie from a company many people are buying fro? I send a message to them to let them know this was a big lie and that I needed my money refunded asap. They said they were refunding my money right now and that it would take up to 7 business days before it appeared on my credit card. I waited about 2 weeks before checking my credit card statement, nothing showed as a refund on it. The credit card I even used had a zero balance at that time, the projector I purchased from them was the only transaction showing on it when I started making the payment, of course, with interest. HDProjector said they would send me a check in the mail at a point because it's been over 6 weeks since I made the purchase with my credit card and therefore they could not return the money to my card. I asked them to refund me with a check. They told me o open a paypal account so they could put my money in there. I told them I did not pay them through paypal, therefore, I did not want to be refunded through paypal. No matter how many times I had told them to refund my money by writing a check, they kept sending me messages about opening paypal accounts and how they could not refund the money back to my credit card since its been over 6 weeks despite the fact that I told them to stop asking me stupid questions and just refund my money. I finally got sick of beating about the bush with them tonight, so I called my credit card company who has now filed a dispute for me to retrieve my money back from them. Please RUN RUN and RUN. HProjector is nothing but ripoff.

40337077, 2015-11-05, 11:23AM CST

I would like you to send me an E mail confirming that your company will pay for the return shipping, and replacement exchange of the HD projector I purchased from HD projector world. I'am not interested in upgrading, I would like the the same product.

b617cbfc, 2015-12-07, 07:02AM CST

I experienced the same scam. This James asked me the last 4 digits of the credit card to issue a full refund after 2 1/2 month keeping my money.

Should I give him the 4 digits number?


5d964ba9, 2015-12-07, 07:19AM CST

Jackie, don't bother. After 2 1/2 months, you will next get the excuse that your information has been purged from their system. Then, they will ask for the full card number. You still will wait and wait for your refund. Your fastest course of action is to submit a complaint to your credit card issuer. Mine gave me an immediate refund and then they dealt with these people directly.

b617cbfc, 2015-12-07, 07:44AM CST

I will submit a complaint to my credit card issuer and contact the Richmond, BC office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and file criminal fraud charges against the company. I will follow up this website to let everyone know the result. And from now on, I should check this website before buying anything online. Thank you!

Paul H., 2015-12-07, 12:00PM CST

I finally got my money back. I had to threaten legal action with RCMP and then got action. 8 months of hassle to fix a product that is substandard

Paul H., 2015-12-07, 12:00PM CST

I finally got my money back. I had to threaten legal action with RCMP and then got action. 8 months of hassle to fix a product that is substandard

Antonio C., 2015-12-10, 10:46PM CST

On Nov, 2014 me bought a new projector from HD projector world ok had it until the month of May, it went black screen so called them up cause they claim if anything goes wrong they will fix it got to last me a year in which it didnt so got a send it back in June of 2015 ok waited like this is going to be nothing but repeat ok....2weeks later called them not in 3weeks check yes here it is but me send them an email in which to me its like this they dont read at all was trying to get an upgrade in which it was like a month later cause they got yur phone # so after the middle or near end of July called them upgrade ok again not in stock 3weeks later called again still not in stock again ok,,,,2more weeks later ask me what me wanted to do I said upgrade then nothing again happen Aug, came around nothing in stock then again 3more weeks later again ask them give me my refunds ok said to my bank ok 2weeks later nothing again another call bank again nothing call again nothing again this time they said mail U a check still no mail 2week again mail again nothing again 2weeks again this time they said paypal take 5 days waited 10 days everytime called them again nothing again called again 5more days nothing again then another call he said over the limit can only send 200$ so back to the drawing board again now they said mail again 10 more days again no check still called again now its paypal now its 3days can send it all....nearly forgot to mention his name is James the manager he sure is not a very good one at again 10more day today is Friday 11 of 2015 & still no mail...if U read all of those things about people reference to this HD projector world like all of them saying good company got my thing fast relieable crap all them things that make the company think they are really that good & they are not for one bit at all....??? I think they wrote themselves that they think they are really a good source to buy things from them is all full of it,,,so how do we get the BBB to close this company down for good all them stuff they own is scamming craps is all to other thing dont ever buy anything from this HD Projector cause including the manager is full of crap too cause at 1st place me was looking for the manager to me after all this calls in seems like the manager is an emplyoee crapper BS

1aebda0f, 2015-12-18, 03:38PM CST

Well it figures that I didn't see these posts until after I made the same mistakes. I ordered a reasonably priced projector on 12/4/15 and when it didn't arrive when it was due, was told it would arrive by 12/15/15. Upon contacting them they said they would provide an additional years warranty and ship another USPS expedited and provide me with a tracking number. When no tracking number arrived, I contacted the rep who apologized and said he would reorder and provide a tracking number within 4 hours. After 4 hours and there was still no number provided, I contacted the company to cancel the order and asked for a full refund. I can only hope that after 5 business days there is that balance returned to my credit card. Main problem now is that this was for a Christmas gift that cannot be attained in time. NEVER DO BUSINESS WITH HDPROJECTORWORLD IF YOU CAN HELP IT !!

afeadca3, 2015-12-18, 11:35PM CST

I guess I will add to this long list of complaints. Same thing. Ordered it and did not get it. E-mailed and complained. Gave me a tracking number and came really late. Plugged it in to find out it was a piece of crap. Sent it back and paid postage. No credit to my account. Sent another e-mail. Supposedly credited to wrong person. Still no credit. Another e-mail. Now it has been too late and they want to send me a check. Not holding my breath. DO NOT ORDER FROM THIS COMPANY.... EVER!!!!!!!!

55a00501, 2015-12-23, 06:14AM CST

I ordered from HD Projector World Nov 27 I received a response telling me the product would arrive 3 - 5 business days. They emailed me 3 business days later telling the item had shipped that day (3 business days later after receiving payment). After 10 days I emailed asking for my item, they responded by saying they would ship one out through a delivery company with a tracking number ( no tracking number was ever provided to me). I cancelled my order 18 days after purchase, it is now Dec 23 and the original order and replacement never arrived. I will file a dispute through my credit card company. They are NOT to be trusted!

b617cbfc, 2015-12-23, 06:31AM CST

I still do not receive my $450. We should act together - sign the same letter and give proofs to Richmond, BC office of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. If anyone know how to make it happen (set up a link so we all can sign the same file criminal fraud charges against the company and attach our proofs), please help us and others to stop this robber. I am sure there are many of us who are not rich would go to HD Projector World and get robbed.


260c31b4, 2015-12-30, 06:40PM CST

I wish i had read all of these complaints before I ordered a projector from this company. I could have written any of these comments as my experience was exactly the same. I have not contacted my credit card company yet, but the purchase was paid a month ago. I am sure they will write it off, but I would like to do something to stop this scam.

55a00501, 2015-12-30, 09:22PM CST

This is an update to my post, I called my credit card yesterday Dec 29. 2015. I was told a refund had been issued, this had been the worst transaction I have experienced purchasing products on-line.

"55a00501, 2015-12-23, 06:14AM CST

I ordered from HD Projector World Nov 27 I received a response telling me the product would arrive 3 - 5 business days. They emailed me 3 business days later telling the item had shipped that day (3 business days later after receiving payment). After 10 days I emailed asking for my item, they responded by saying they would ship one out through a delivery company with a tracking number ( no tracking number was ever provided to me). I cancelled my order 18 days after purchase, it is now Dec 23 and the original order and replacement never arrived. I will file a dispute through my credit card company. They are NOT to be trusted!"

Steve B., 2016-01-12, 02:58PM CST

Well I am at the beginning stages of what appears to be a horrible mistake. I ordered early morning Jan. 5th, 2016 received email receipt and all of the promises of same day ship and email notification when item is shipped and 3 -5 day UPS Shipment with tracking number. Heard nothing the entire week so I called on Jan. 11th, 2016, this guy told me they shipped it late on Thursday (2 Days Late) and there was was no tracking but thought it should arrive Friday Jan. 15th, 2016. Received an email this morning stating it shipped on Friday but they would give me a free one year extended warranty for my troubles. then he says in the email 5 -7 day shipment because they use the cheapest carrier and if I am not there to receive package (which has no tracking information provided) I would be left with a sticky note as to where I might go and retrieve the parcel. This all sounds way too familiar and wish I would have checked this out better. I will let you know how it works out. Wish me luck! 01/14/16 UPDATE. Now they tell me if very well may be in to next week before I would receive my items. I explained to them early last week the importance of receiving no later than this Friday as I had made plans to watch the playoff games this Saturday with a substantial group invited. Now he is asking for my last 4 digits of my credit card so I can cancel shipment. Wouldn't he already have that info?

Geoff L., 2016-01-20, 05:36PM CST


Their projectors appear to be reburnished items.

Geoff L., 2016-01-20, 05:48PM CST

Someone should post these complaints on youtube, facebook, twitter and all other social medias to warn and alert all people around the world

Steve B., 2016-01-29, 02:23PM CST


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