Kanes Furniture - Unfair, and unreasonable

Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 3:05pm CDT by Beverly V.

Product: Wrangler Recl Sofa

Company: Kanes Furniture

Location: 21590 US HWY 19 North

URL: www.kanesfurniture.com

Category: Furniture

To Whom It May Concern,

In April 2013, we purchased a reclining sofa at Kane?s Furniture in Clearwater, Florida. We had the sofa treated with a stain preventive before delivery. The sofa was $629.99, stain preventive $75.00 and delivery $119.99 totaling $874.33 including taxes. Before we made a purchase for the sofa we went to several furniture stores including Kane?s and tired out sofas. We did this for over a year.

The sofa was delivered on April 12. The delivery men unwrapped the sofa and set it in place. The driver looked at the sofa and noticed the 3 sections on the back were not even. We saw it the same time as he did. He called the delivery office and told them about the problem with the sofa. The drivers tired to fix the sofa back to no AVAIL. I also talked to the office and told them about the problem. They both said to contact Kane?s for the repair tech to come out and fix it.

The week of April 29, we went into Kane?s store about all the problems with the sofa and schedule the repair tech. We also told our sales lady Marika Greene, about issues with the sofa. We also tried out other sofas as well.

May 11, the tech came out to see the problems and took pictures. He said that he would take the pictures and information into the store manager. The tech said that he could not adjust anything it was all factory set. The tech said that Kane?s would call us.

Michelle called from Kane?s. She said that there would be a 20 o/o restocking fee and etc, there would only be $503.00 left to purchase another sofa. If it cost over that amount we would have to pay the difference. I told her NO!

May 13, we went in again to the Kane?s store and talked to Michelle. She was eager to resolve the problems. She showed us the picture of the sofa. She made a list of the problems (see list below). She said this was normal for a new sofa and therefore nothing could be done. While we were talking a man was listening and walking around us. He spoke up and told her to go ahead and exchange the sofa for another one. We saw Michelle two times that week. She made a list of all the problems we had with the sofa at that time. We tried all the sofas again, and could not find one that would fit us.

May 20, we went into Kane?s store again and tried all the reclining sofas. We could not find one that worked for us. We told Michelle that we could not find anything that would work. Michelle said that she would be Tuesday and Wednesday. Thursday May 23, she would be back and discuss this matter with the store manager and call me. We told her we wanted our money refunded.

May 23, Michelle called and said that they would not refund the purchase price. She said we would have to keep the sofa or pick out another sofa. She had discussed it with the manager. They would not refund but, they knew our problems and were trying to accommodate us. I told her that in the contract it said ?refund at the managers discretion?. She again said ?NO REFUND?. I said again ?WE HAVE TRIED ALL THE SOFAS AND COULD NOT FIND ONE?. She said ?that we would have until June 15th to decide?.

1) Three sections across the top of the sofa do not match

2) Clunk & screech noise on right side of sofa when closing foot rest ?(loud)

3) Jerks when opens out and snap sound on right side (loud)

4) Cushions below head rest push out and up against neck (and causes headache) the right side.

5) When fully reclined the back pushes on back up (into stomach area) the right side.

6) Length of the chaise legs opening is too short for our legs.

7) Your heel hangs over and cuts into tendon just above the heel. (I was not able to walk without pain and limping for a time because of this.}

8) When full relining chaise/foot does not want to come up in a sitting position the right side.

9) One side the chaise leg will not come all the way up. You have to pull it up yourself. It does not want to stay up either at times. This is on the left side.


Because of the reasons stated I feel that we have tried very hard to find a sofa that would work for us. We have tried everything in the store. We have seen other reclining sofas, including my son?s, as well two of my neighbor?s that do not have of these problems. We feel it is only fair to ask for a full refund.

Plus, the saleslady Marika Greena said while we were looking at the reclining sofas that "Kanes would make it right if we had any problems"! That statement is not true.

We just want our money back!


Elizabeth and Beverly Van Zyl

After I wrote to several sites and on their FB account, we got a FULL REFUND!! Plus "we are sorry"


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