T Mobile - Cellphone Service

Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 11:41pm CDT by Richard B.

Product: 50/30/10 plan

Company: T Mobile

Location: 12920 S.E. 38th St.

URL: www.tmobile.com

Category: Consumer Electronics

Unfair and deceptive practices. Their plans use market deception to fool consumers. The new 50/30/10 plans that offers high speed data plans are deceptive and designed with the deceit of their con artist sells people to fool consumers. No matter what data plan you choose with this company you will never achieve the data numbers you paid for. It will ad your data usage against you at every speed 2g, 3g, 4g h, all counts against you. When you reach your limit you will be throttled down to a 2 g that will be worse than old dial up, less than 56k. Less than 56k is useless on today's internet.If your a new t-mobile hold you should know even if you cancel you account in the first 15 days they will charge the full months usage and a 15% restock fee on ever item you purchased. I would suggest some of the walmart brands for low cost cellphone sorry I every transferred. I'm going back and reinvest the stocks. T moblie is head in the same direction as AOL did.


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