gigabyte - gigabyte rma gone wrong

Posted on Sunday, May 26th, 2013 at 5:12pm CDT by bob m.

Product: ga-78lmt-s2p

Company: gigabyte

Location: US


Category: Computers, Software

purchased parts to build a computer for a friend, these parts included a gigabyte

ga-78lmt-s2p board. after 1 week, the sound went out, so i asked for and recieved rma#

RMA# USA-1340692. i sent the board back AT MY COST which i dont consider fair

( pay to send their defective board back to them) but that is the way it is i guess. after they had it for 1 week, the rma website said it was repaired and shipped back out to me. after another week, i had to call them, turns out it wasnt shipped due to the board having "other issues". i waited another week and called back again, was told they would send it out that day (friday) or no later than monday. Wednesday they finally ship it, i put everything back together, and rush to the customer who by this time is really not happy to say the least. i plug everything in, and guess what, no video. neither the vga nor dvi outputs work. i have twicw since then asked for a NEW board, and what i am told is 1. i will have to pay yet again to send the board back

2. they will absolutely NOT give me a new board as these things happen and that it clearly states they will repair Or replace at their discretion. i have had to give the customer his money back, and now i am out that money, plus the amount to send the

piece of crap board back to them so they could "repair" it. whatever happened to customer service?


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