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Posted on Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 at 10:39pm CDT by 6a38ad8c

Product: Telecommunication

Company: Reachout Wireless

Location: Reachout Wireless PO Box 247168


Category: Telecommunications

Watch out for your talk and text minutes from Reachout Wireless. This is a very bad, unethical company. They will double, triple or even quadruple your actual minutes used and cut off your phone service and force you to buy more minutes when you still have plenty of minutes left. When you try to reason with them they will lie and cheat and make all kinds of excuses to justify their wrong doings, and insist that their record is correct when in fact it was a lie. This company is so hopeless. They have no sense of right and wrong and is knowingly in violation of the law. Also

under the Lifeline program you are suppose to get free 250 talk and 250 text minutes every month, but they make you pay and still want more money from you like a blood sucker.


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2272b75c, 2013-06-10, 05:04PM CDT

This is my email to Reachout wireless.

Last week I went to Walmart and purchased 1325 minutes thru moneygram for $12.95. After that I had over 5 hrs of talk time on my phone. On June 7/8 I received my regular 250 minutes plus the ones I purchased and I had over 8 hrs of talk time. Somewhere around the /9th you took my 5 hours of talk time away (which I paid extra $12.95 for) and left me with only 3 hrs talk time. I cannot believe your employees made such a dumb mistake. Are you instructing them to cheat customers out of their minutes. I am going to send my complaint to government, television news stations and as many newspapers that I can find so we can tally up just how many people you have cheated out of their minutes. I want my minutes added back to my phone immediately. That means that you are supposed to add 325 minutes to my phone for the next 4 months to equal a total of 1,325 beginning June 2013. My cell phone is also not charging. It did this when I first received it. The screen is going out as well. My new mailing address is PMB 51308 San Jose, CA 95151. I expect a replacement within the next 10 days.



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6a38ad8c, 2013-06-10, 05:57PM CDT

This company's specialty is to lie and cheat people and hurt them without any scruple or shame. They play with your phone and cut off service so your phone is in total blackout to force more money out of you by either buy more minutes or buy a new phone. Report them to the Ultility Commission asap.

2272b75c, 2013-06-10, 06:14PM CDT

I think what we need to do is to contact an attorney who will possibly take our claim as a class action lawsuit. I am positive we could come up with 500 or more customers that are going through this same nightmare. In numbers we can win a lawsuit. If anyone has any ideas of an attorney please respond.

I have sent an email to my local newstation (ON YOUR SIDE) to try to help me with this issue. I actually had to contact them before I even received my phone because it took longer than 2-3 months. This company was trouble in the beginning.

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