AAA - AAA Insurance is a RIP OFF!!!

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 6:22am CDT by T. B.

Product: Auto & Renters Insurance

Company: AAA

Location: MISHAWAKA, IN, 46545, US


Category: Cars, Motorcycles, Boats, Vehicles

Our truck was vandalized on the night of Mothers Day. The vandals stole the head unit that was a cd/DVD/Navi system, 2 Amps, 3 Subwoofers/ in a custom box, $400-iPod touch, my $160 D&G sunglasses, my husband $250 Ray ban sunglasses, 2 Mothers Day cards...1 of which had $40 in it...2 sets of bangle bracelets...that was $10 a set & approx 10-12 DVD's & 308-310 cds in a media book. We filed a police report as soon as we found out the following morning. We had to file 2 separate claims...1 with our renters & 1 with auto at which cost us a $500 deductible for each claim, which is STUPID!!! It should've been all covered under the was in the auto so it should've been covered by the auto!!! The claims agent for the renters part informs me that our policy covers "Personal Items", but they exclude CDs & DVDs...huh? If those things arent "Personal Items", then WHAT THE HELL ARE THEY? So not only were we screwed by the vandals, AAA is also SCREWING US!!! The renters claims adjuster called me while I was out taking care of business, so I actually forgot to tell her about the 2 cards, cash & bracelets, but because I'm so FRUSTRATED with this ENTIRE process I don't even want to call back...I just want to get done with this. We been treated like the criminnals instead of the victims in this. My husband & I are both on disability, but prior to becoming disabled we were hard working people & value all that we have. While we didn't have to pay the renters deductible up front, they took it out of our settlement amount, so we STILL can't replace all our contents. Then we do have to pay the $500 auto deductible up front to get our truck fixed, which we can't afford so I have to borrow it & work out a payment plan to repay it. I've NEVER been treated or had to deal with such disrespect, incompetence or unprofessionalism IN MY LIFE! As SOON as we're done with this entire situation, we are goin to obtain insurance. My husband also filed a complaint with the DOI.


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