Lufthansa airways - Poor customer service

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 3:35pm CDT by Muhammad M.

Product: Air travel

Company: Lufthansa airways

Location: DFW airport Dallas
DALLAS, TX, 76135, US


Category: Airlines

While disembarking from an incoming flight, I left my small back pack in the plane, at Frankfurt . I had three hours before my flight to Dallas was to take off. Upon entering the transit lounge I reported my problem to customer service and asked if they could help me in getting my bag from the plane, even offering to go back to the plane to retrieve my bag. They stated my only option was to report this to Lost and Found. To go to Lost and Found, I would have had to clear immigration and customs, go away from the airport. So I pleaded with the customer service as I had my medication, hearing aid and some money in my bag. The only options they gave me was to send an email to Lost and Found from Dallas.

Upon returning home I sent no less than six emails regarding this issue over the next ten days without any response. I contacted the local Lufthansa office. The advised me to contact the same email. When I requested a phone number for Lost and Found, I was told that department did not have one. After few more emails I contacted their office in New York. They could not give me phone number for Lost and Found office in Frankfurt but promised to look into the matter. Three days later they informed me that the bag was indeed with Lost and Found in Frankfurt. I was given a number to call to provide details of the contents for verification of ownership. I did this and was told the bag did belong to me.With some relief I asked them to send it to me. They stated they were unable to do so. Instead they were going to turn it over a company which handled this type of situation. After several more days I contacted this courier service. They acknowledged the possession of bag and told me the cost of getting this bag which weighed little over 3 lbs was going to $335. When I offered to pay with my credit card, they stated the only acceptable method of payment was direct transfer of funds from my bank to theirs. I did this at the expense of additional time as well as transaction fee. So finally I received my bag after 11 weeks. My music iPod was missing but the bag had someone else's phone in it.

I wrote to them about the phone which did not belong to me but never heard back. So that phone still sits on my desk!


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