CAR2GO - Portland - CAR2GO - Unfair Business Practices!

Posted on Friday, May 24th, 2013 at 11:17pm CDT by Leslie C.

Company: CAR2GO - Portland

Location: PORTLAND, OR, 97213, US


Category: Unauthorized Charges


I have been a member of Car2Go Portland, since October 2012. Since then, Our home budget has bitten the dust.

Here's the thing: Car2GO WILL NEVER release a, 'Balance due," or balance owing on your invoices. You may have paid for a certain day, three four months ago, on your credit card, but if they DO NOT have a receipt, they will CONTINUALLY charge your account for this, (Per, 'Penny,' at 877-488-4224). Additionally, when I asked her specifically if she could figure out the exact price that I owed, she said no, because the system doesn't work like that. I asked her if she could tell me if a certain day had been billed. She said no. Her system didn't work like that. Additionally, I asked her if I could call the headquarters in Germany, to complain about the faulty billing system. She got nervous, and advised me that there was no one that spoke any English. This company is the biggest scam ever. STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY.

I am a moderate user. I was taking Car2Go three times a week, because I work weird hours, and the bus doesn't run. Today, I found out my account was suspended, because I owe them, $217.00!

Penny, at 877-488-4224, advised me that every time I use their service, that our credit card should be charged, THE SAME DAY...."So why the huge balance?", I say. She advised me that Capital One didn't give them a receipt for several days in March, April, and May, so they are trying to put through all of these service dates, that may, or may not be paid... SO, IF YOU CHARGE MY ACCOUNT EVERY SINGLE DAY, WHY DO I Suddenly have a $217 Bill? How do I determine this on the invoice screen of your web site? She could not answer any of my questions....

It's SO much cheaper, to take a bus... Or at this point, a Taxi...Car 2 Go is SO MUCH WORSE. I am changing my hours at work, and I am going to just take a bus from now on. The Billing service is SO Faulty, that If I cannot know FOR SURE which days have been paid on the website invoice section, HOW DO I KNOW THAT THIS COMPANY IS NOT CHARGING ANYTHING THEY WANT!


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