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Posted on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 3:51pm CDT by Kathleen R.

Product: State Farm Auto Insurance

Company: State Farm

Location: JONESBORO, GA, 30238, US

Category: Business, Finances

On April 29, 2013 I was hit from behind by a State Farm driver and State Farm refuses to fairly and ehtically deal with my claim for damages. I have never been treated by any other company I have ever dealt with as badly as I have been by State Farm. They don't even care about the real issues of your claim or how legitimate they are. They have a script they go by and a limit they go by and they don't take into consideration the acutal losses suffered by the claimant. I know if I had been hit by a driver with any other insurance I would not be treated so unfairly and unjustly. They don't even take into account the actual damages/losses due to the auto accident, they only go by their scripts and pre-set limits. State Farm insured drivers are like non-insured drivers in that people have to take them directly to court to recoup their losses because State Farm doesn't "insure" them. People pay their premiums to State Farm for no reason. I have a brand new 2013 car with used parts now and diminished value that was hit by their driver before the first payment was even made and they could care less about it. It is just truely an awful, stressful, upsetting situation and I wish to God that their driver would of not hit me. Because of him I have to suffer with trying to deal with his awful insurance company. Accidents happen, but darn this is frustrating. The officer at the scene said "don't worry, that is what insurance is for". What a joke. Stare Farm is not an "insurance" company. They are like the mafia. They take people's premium payments and don't return any service for it.

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Karl Z., 2013-08-08, 09:23PM CDT

Its TRUE State Farm are some fraudulent bastards. I have Scott Holdridge State Farm Insurance and their still billing me - when the account has been closed since beginning of summer. I had one claim and they didn't want to do anything, wouldn't even have cost them $100. A decade of having the policy- and a complete run around. #ScottHoldridgeFraudulent Bastard

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