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Posted on Thursday, May 23rd, 2013 at 7:02pm CDT by Jeffrey M.

Company: UsAIR

Location: US


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I was booked on USAIR Flt 2685 this past Mon May 20th at 4pm and arrived at the airport at 1:45pm. While parking my vehicle I get a text from USAIR that the flight had been cancelled due to mechanical issues. I went into the ticket counter and they said the only flt that I could take was 2682 leaving at 7:55pm. Changing panes in Charlotte to Flt 1402 at 10:20pm and arriving in Houston at 11:56pm. While this was a great incovience since it would take 30-45 min to get my bags and a rental car, 45 more minutes to get to the west side of Houston when the hotel was and be at my MCE class location at 8am for an 8:30am MCE class. But, you do what you have to do. Well, I sit at the airport all day, 7pm rolls around and they come over the speaker and say that the flights running behind and now will be 8:30pm, 8pm comes and another announcement it?s now going to be 9pm, 9pm rolls around and another announcement and now its going to be 9:30pm or later and so they requested that anyone with a connection in Charlotte should go back down to the ticket counter and rebook. I did. The earliest they could get me into Houston was 9:12am and then add to that 1:30hrs to get the rental car and to the class ? it would be 11am or later. Of course that would work so they told me to go home and call the Silver Desk. To get to Silver you have to fly over 30,000 miles or 30 trips and they have milked you for $25 a bag for those 30 segments and you probably got the worst seats until you get to Silver. So I called in and all they could do is REFUND my ticket, not even book me on a later date to remake this class without paying the $150 change ticket fee AND a difference of around $300 plus (the difference in the new fare and my original fare). The cancelation of this class cost us OVER $1500 in lost income because most of students needed their MCE before the end of May. So we had to deal with angry students, USAIR, and what a mess. So I fired off a complaint to USAIR which I have spent tens of thousands of dollars with over the years and ask them to compensate us with a couple of tickets or something to make up some of the loss. Now read the following email I just received:

Dear Dr. Messer:

Thank you for contacting Customer Relations. We appreciate it when customers take the time to share their concerns.??It is relatively easy to provide good customer service when an operation is running smoothly. We know the test of quality service occurs when we are faced with flight irregularities and problems such as you experienced. We are truly sorry for the cancellation of Flight 2685 and the delay of Flight 3682 and the inconveniences that caused. Your frustration with our failure to operate this flight as scheduled is understandable. It is not our intent to create difficulties for our customers and we make every effort to avoid flight interruptions.??Mr. Messer, although I understand your travel experience wasn?t what you were expecting, I cannot offer the free airline tickets that you are requesting. However, to reiterate my apology for the cancelled flight and so you will try US again, I?ve issued one $100.00 Electronic Travel With US Voucher (E-TUV). ??Your E-TUV is valid toward the purchase of travel on US Airways. You can?t book with the E-TUV online, and you must redeem it within one year from the date of this correspondence. When you?re ready to book, please call Reservations at 800-428-4322 and provide the E-TUV code listed below. You will not be charged the customary ticketing fee. In addition, please take a moment to read the terms and conditions listed below to receive the full benefit of this compensation.??The E-TUV code is: ?Jeffrey Messer xxxxxxxxxxx.??Mr. Messer, feedback such as yours affords us the opportunity to learn where and how we can improve our service not only to meet our customers? expectations, but to exceed those expectations. Given the privilege of serving you again on US Airways, we look forward to providing you with a more satisfying travel experience.??Sincerely,???Laura Chance?Representative, Customer Relations?US Airways Corporate Office??Case: US-13MESSER-F48K23-A1V

$100? Can you believe that? Maybe their having a tough time with cash flow since they bought American? No, they are making MILLIONS on baggage fees alone. IT?S JUST CORPORATE GREED! And yet today, Flight Attendants and Pilots can over the intercom of flights worldwide and said ?We know that you have a choice in airlines when you fly and we thank you for choosing USAIR and hope that we will be your choice on future flights? Have a customer who has spent Thousands, tens of thousands with you, put up with your flight delays, lost baggage, rude gate attendants, flight attendants, employees. And this is culmination of trained CUSTOMER RELATION AGENTS? Let it be a lesson to ALL of US in CUSTOMER SERVICE and learn from USAIR that mishandling a complaint, a problem, a situation and then failing to do the RIGHT thing when OUR actions caused a loss to the customer, and then insulting them by a ?token? jester and form letter? Go to and let them know how you feel. Next time it could be YOU!


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