FedEx Office Print & Ship Center - harassment

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 at 8:15pm CDT by 023a0991

Company: FedEx Office Print & Ship Center

Location: 8509 Davis Blvd, North Richland Hills, TX 76182

Category: Other

I requested this facility to hold my package, only after I had talked to a lady who said they will hold it for me. I gave her the necessary dimensions weight of the package. The fed ex site allowed it. It let me know that it will hold the package at that site. Then the manager of that location refused it first, I only knew that when I checked back online. So I called fed ex customer service they let me talk to manager. He then said yes he will hold it. I call back to check with fed ex and they said yes he will hold it. Then I found out later at night that he said NO!!!! from fed ex customer service. May be a mistake on their part or by people working there as he held the package.

So I go to pick up package next day and I see package is tearing off from bottom and at sides and I see that it is missing 2 parts that should be send by the sender!! I get worried. I try to see the package up close but the lady there was very rude. It was just her tone of voice and uncooperative bossy behavior. I showed my id and I requested they bring the package close to me since she wont allow me to walk to my where my package was. She did not do it. It was very rude. There was a hispanic looking guy there and he seem to be helpful but was being bossed over by that lady.

I come back and got really worried as my package seemed o be missing 2 important parts that should have been there but from outside tear on the package at bottom and sides I did not see them since they were supposed to be outside covering the inside of the whole.

I come back next day to be sure again and again this time it was very rude reception. There was this black guy who is manager his name is Jay Bennett and he was extremely rude. I tried to get cooperation of the young hispanic guy but this black guy interrupted in a bully kind of way and this subdued the hispanic guy.

Guess what I was trying to see if those 2 parts were showing up somewhere on the outside of the whole part and asked the young hispanic guy to take a closer look.

I paid for the package, i paid for the shipping and i should be able to see what I am getting. The manager Jay Bennett and that middle aged white lady did not bring the package close enough to me. The manager was talking at me in a way I felt threatening. There was no reason for him to do this.

I waited long time to get that mattress. It was the last one the sender had. After much effort I had him send to me. I wanted to make sure it had all the stuff it should have. I drove to this fed ex Kinko's 2 times to check the package. They did not have the basic decency to let me get close to the package and let me see it up close. The young Hispanic guy did inspect the package one time and found no materials that it should have come with. I did inspect the package from far when they brought it near me but not enough near for me to touch it and then they put it back to where it stood before. In desperation I bend forward from waist to reach it because they would not bring it close to me both times but i found no materials that it should have come with.They acted like bullies the manager jay Bennett and the lady. This is no way to deal with anyone lest the customer. When the black guy was bullying me and the young hispanic guy there was another older hispanic looking man (who works there) and he was laughing about this!

WHO HIRES THESE PEOPLE?. fed ex needs to fire these people - the manager Jay Bennett , the middle aged white lady layla or kayla and the older hispanic worker. They lack basic decency.

I did not feel safe in this fed Ex Kinko's store with the way this manager - Jay Bennett and his employees behaved with me.


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