bansai/ ToyQuest - Defective Inflatable pool...DANGEROUS!!!

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 at 7:21pm CDT by 43b2eb4b

Product: Slide 'N Spray Dragon pool

Company: bansai/ ToyQuest

Location: 1800N 9th St. Indianola
INDIANOLA, IA, 50125-4005, US


Category: Kids, Baby

I spent nearly $80 through on two Bansai/ToyQuest swimming pools. This particular pool is called "Slide 'N Spray Dragon Pool. I have a plethora of complaints, but only one that I deem "dangerous".

The pool is inflatable and has a dragon head attached so if the hose is hooked up, the dragon sprays water. It sprayed, but unlike the box, the dragon head droops into the water rendering its entire purpose moot. Also the dimensions on the box are larger than the actual pool. this is disappointing because it shows several toddlers in and around the pool, yet a six yr old and a four yr old cannot fit in comfortably at the same time.

None of the above would have been reason to complain and i would have most certainly been happy at that point, regardless of these small issues. However,there is one other piece to this pool that I have yet to speak on, and that is the inflatable slide that comes seperatly. This piece makes the entire pool a potential E.R. trip for your children.

The slide attaches to the inside of the pool by two nylon straps (supposedly)to two plastic anchors. These straps are too short and, because they are nylon, are practically impossible to keep tied, as they are in direct contact with the pool water.

Still, this is not my gripe. My issue is that despite my best efforts to follow the direction explicitly, as soon as our 30 pound four year old tried to climb the steps of this slide, it toppled over on its side. This threw the child OUTSIDE the pool causing injury. This is because the rear of the slide is not able to or intended to be anchored to anything and there is no counter-weight to displace the weight of even the smallest child.

This pool is DANGEROUS!!! Do not buy this product.

Also, the customer service/complaint department told me that I was crazy (direct quote), told me to shut up, refused to accept that this is NOT a warranty issue, but a manufacturer defect that should be RECALLED. They told me that the pools are tested by both the manufacturer and the stores who carry them. What a crock. The supervisor talked over me, refused to give me corporate information, and was generally rude. Before that I was hung up on about a half dozen times as I tried to get any authority figure on the phone. They (the CSR) said that there was no authority figure on the floor. Absolutely unprofessional. I have lodged a formal complaint with the Consumer Product Safety Commission, however I plan on making the ENTIRE world aware of the fact that this company will NOT TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for THEIR defective and potentially dangerous toys.


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