Master Plumbing and Sewer - Master Plumbng charges to write my bill?!?!?!

Posted on Tuesday, May 21st, 2013 at 4:01pm CDT by Edyahoo L.

Product: Msster Plumbing and Sewer

Company: Master Plumbing and Sewer

Location: PO Box 939 Mountain View CA 94042


Category: Building, Construction

Master Plumbing does a capable job. However, I was mystified as to why 1) the plumber who came yesterday would not snake out a kitchen line from the roof, as his colleague had done several years earlier (at half the time), and 2) why I was charged for two hours time when the work and clean up (including packing the equipment into the truck) was one hour fifty minutes.

Here is what I got from the person who answered the phone: 1) we only have our plumber go up to the roof one time. Thereafter, it's from the ground. When I asked why, she said that it was company policy, that she wasn't the owner. That's a BS non answer if I ever heard of one. 2) she said they bill in 10 minute incements. When I said that the plumber took the last 10 minutes to write the invoice, she said, "yes,." When I asked if they charged for writing the invoice, she said "yes."

Besides that, the plumber broke a favorite vase.

Master's website differentiates itself from the commission-based plumbers. Since it came out to the same price as those commissioned plumbers charge, I don;t see a difference, oh, except n the attitude of the woman who snootily answered my questions.

I've liked Master's work in the past but in my mind, they are no better than the commissioned plumbers they denigrate.


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