Muffhyms Cattery - Patricia Rizzo

Posted on Saturday, May 18th, 2013 at 12:08pm CDT by Patricia R.

Product: Cat Breeder

Company: Muffhyms Cattery

Location: CORONA, CA, US


Category: Pets, Animals

I contacted this breeder, Deborah McIntyre, owner of Muffhymscattery on feb. 2, 2013 to inquire about a blue point himalayan kitten. She said she would have some soon for $700 to $900 each. She kept writing and told me she had a waiting list. One list was free and the other was the "priority" list and cost $100. I said put me on the free list. She kept writing that kittens would be born any day now and that the "priority" list would be called first and get first choice. I relented and sent her a check for $100. I kept writing her and she kept saying any day now...that went on all month. A cat's gestation period is only 65 could she be so wrong and call herself a breeder? Finally she wrote and told me the cat was in labor. I waited all weekend to hear from her. When i finally wrote her she told me the litter was born and i did not come up on that list and would have to wait for the next litter in a couple of weeks!! So what was the point of paying to be on a priority list? It was now the first week of march! I found an ad from a reputable breeder and bought my blue point himalayan kitten from her on March 8, 2013 with no problem, no lists and no baloney! I then asked for my money back from Muffhymscattery and was told it was non-refundable...though she never once told me that in any emails! I never saw one kitten or cat from her and don't even know if she ever had any. She even had the nerve to tamper with my check, writing "non-refundable" on it and saying she called me and I agreed to have her do that!!!! I've kept every email we've had between us. I am retired and had just lost my 18 year old himalayan cat on Feb. 1, 2013 - who had been my constant companion for 18 years and just wanted another kitten like her. I feel this woman stole the $100 from me. I feel robbed!


Miranda J., 2014-11-22, 01:33AM CST

If this is the worst thing anyone has to say about this cattery, I feel confident doing business with them. You didn't do your research, and assumed certain things, and then were angry that reality was different from your fantasy. A non-refundable deposit is pretty standard. And what moron doesn't ask how many people are ahead of them on the priority list? If you had used your brain, you would not have anything to complain about.

Patricia R., 2014-11-22, 09:51AM CST

Okay, first I was deceived and robbed and now insulted. I would say stay away from this person. Its definitely NOT the first time she has robbed someone. There is another complaint on the internet from another customer....AND who knows how many others that were not put on the internet. Dealing with them after this is foolhardy. Its strange that I did not have a problem dealing with a reputable breeder. I bought not one, but two beautiful himmies from her and took them home the same day. They have grown into two gorgeous cats that everyone loves. I really would have to are you related to this breeder? LOL

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