303 Mobile Advertising and Owner, Micah Pilkey - 303 Mobile Advertising is a scam and owner Micah Pilkey is a con artist

Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 11:50am CDT by e5012b93

Product: Investments

Company: 303 Mobile Advertising and Owner, Micah Pilkey

Location: DENVER, CO, 80202, US

URL: http://www.303advertising.com/#

Category: Other

BEWARE, Micah Pilkey is a con Artist. Micah Pilkey will lead you to believe that he is a successful business owner with multiple businesses. If Micah approaches you for an Investment, DO NOT PAY. If Micah promises to pay you for your services, DO NOT WORK, you will not get paid. Micah Pilkey has zero successful businesses and has ruined many peoples lives be lying and stealing. Micah Pilkey is currently being charged with Multiple felony's in the state of Utah.

Washington County 5th district court info:

206 West Tabernacle

Suite 100

Saint George, UT




Eric Ludlow

James Shumate

John Walton

Jeffrey Wilcox

General court Info:




Micah posted bail of $25,000 and is missing.

I am a victim of Micah Pilkey.


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59f6b7e2, 2013-05-21, 01:41AM CDT

anyway you can tell me who posted this, i have friend involved here too ...


34f0a06d, 2013-05-21, 04:37AM CDT

Please call the court in Utah and file a complaint if you have also been a victim of Micah. Not sure how many people were affected but we have to at least get justice and put this guy away for a long time.

f2f4420f, 2013-05-29, 03:03PM CDT

Micah Pilkey and Shaun Habibian are the biggest scumbags on this earth. Such sood "Mormon" upbringing and both scammers and con men that prey on woman with more than their car leasing scams. They have other things going on too and have ruined alot of people's life in the process. Karma is a bitch and if they don't believe in it, just wait and see what is coming, in the very near future...Better watch your backs, boys, because it is gonna kick your asses....

6fee0cb6, 2013-06-26, 09:07PM CDT

Those clowns are not Mormon. Neither has professed to be in their private lives at least since before I met them at around age 15. They are both complete idiots. People need to stop trusting them and people need to continue harassing the police until something gets done.

f2f4420f, 2013-06-27, 12:14PM CDT

Clowns and idiots. How bout sociopaths? Micah is Shaun's whipping boy anyway and probably will get out of this just like always. Daddy's $ talks. The authorities should have never let Micah out of jail the first time. Hopefully, he will get beat up again and they will do the job right this time before he leaves the country...

790b9b37, 2013-06-30, 12:37PM CDT

Micah Pilkey is now in Denver doing the same exact thing he did in Vegas and Utah! He will ruin your life.

f2f4420f, 2013-07-02, 06:31PM CDT

Whoever wrote the last post needs to inform and make complaints to the cops and feds. The more people that complain, the better. The authorities know where he is and who he is with but when he tries to buy cars or whatever with other people's credit info and false documents, better chance of nabbing this creep.

c7940933, 2013-07-17, 03:48PM CDT

I had the distinct pleasure of doing work for this punk, and I continue to hear from others about his unwillingness to pay up for work that's been done. The 303 business is now dissolved, I wonder what scam he's trying to run now... This kid will pull up in a $80,000 Benz and bounce a check for $200. The list of charges against him in Utah do not surprise me and I hope he goes down hard.

095b4290, 2013-07-24, 10:04AM CDT

Micah is the epitome of scum. He tried to get my friend involved in their Vegas scam, where he would use someone with good credit to purchase high dollar vehicles (Bentleys and Benz were specifically mentioned) that would then be sublet to literally a hooker and pimp clientele (dangerous crowd to be screwing around with, no pun intended). Since that's usually not the type of person whose credit would be good enough to get a loan for a 6 figure vehicle, The clientele were then supposed to be making weekly payments in the neighborhood of $3-5k to pay for the vehicles, minimizing the risk to the person whose credit is on the line. Apparently they just turned to old fashioned fraud to acquire the vehicles instead. Micah is an absolute thief and I hope this time he actually does hard time, not like his 10 month stint he did a few years back.. Micah has never professed to be Mormon, and I believe Shaun is of a Muslim background, not that it should matter, scumbags come from every walk of life and can be branded to be from any religion. I met Micah almost 9 years ago and he was a drug abuser and a lying criminal back then. He also got involved in some kind of bad deal with Kim Ence (shady guy he is) that fell through when Pilkey screwed Ence (ironic). I hope the new boyfriend he will meet in jail ends up being the love of his life.

790b9b37, 2013-10-26, 06:51PM CDT

Micah was last seen in Denver Colorado. He is on the run and has several pending court cases in Denver. He's stolen so much money from people! He's stolen their identities and he has ruined so many lives!

f2f4420f, 2013-10-26, 08:18PM CDT

Micah is on FB again and attended his brother's wedding in SoCal this past weekend. He certainly doesn't seem to be hiding. He thinks he is untouchable and does seem like that since now the case in Utah has been delayed once again. Whoever wrote the last posts please respond with what cases are pending in Denver. The reporter in Utah for the Spectrum would be very interested in hearing about it. I know someone that is involved and just getting their life back and it's been 3 years. Not over yet but he leaves a trail of destruction everywhere he goes. And he has the Habibian's $ behind him to get out of this. He will go down but I too, wonder when? It's about time somebody takes this douchbag out once and for all.

790b9b37, 2013-10-26, 10:18PM CDT

He got me for 25k for the mobile ad business in Denver! Whats his name on Facebook?

f2f4420f, 2013-10-26, 11:49PM CDT

He's such an idiot, he put it in his own name. Are you taking him to court or have the Feds contacted you?

790b9b37, 2013-10-27, 09:04PM CDT

I'm looking at Facebook don't see a Micah Pilkey.. people have contacted me and I know a cpl of people that has had him served.. I will let you know when the court dates are..

f2f4420f, 2013-10-27, 09:35PM CDT

I am looking right now. He is still there. Says he attended UNLV. I thought maybe he had deleted. Check again.

f112084c, 2013-10-27, 09:47PM CDT

What was he doing in Colorado and why did his court date change? Fyi that kid never attended UNLV! He was living in St George Utah in 2010 and still scamming people sadly. He's got a paper trail record people need to do their home work and spread the word.

f112084c, 2013-10-27, 09:50PM CDT

Whoever said he was just in so cal last weekend, how do you know him? His brother is Landon but to my knowledge he was married years ago...

f112084c, 2013-10-27, 09:51PM CDT

Whoever said he was just in so cal last weekend, how do you know him? His brother is Landon but to my knowledge he was married years ago...

f2f4420f, 2013-10-27, 09:58PM CDT

Let's just say I wish I didn't know him. Step brother Aaron and pictures on FB of wedding and Micah is in them.

f112084c, 2013-10-27, 10:13PM CDT

Interesting. I new him to cause I got conned in his scam big lesson and lots of lies. Never new of other siblings besides brother and sister. Last I new his parents were married for 20 years or something. He lies so much I don't know what to believe. Why is the Utah case still pending? I heard fancy pants Shaun was also linked to Vegas shooting with that guy driving massaerati killing cab driver. Apparently Shaun leased a car to that guy. No surprise, Micah is shauns pawn. Whatever shaun needs Micah does and that's why Shaun bails him out.

f2f4420f, 2013-10-27, 10:24PM CDT

Yes, everything is one big lie. Left Utah and went to Colorado and pulled his scams there. Utah case has been put on hold because it's took close to thanksgiving with Shaun's fathers charitable donations from Red Rock. And you are correct that the thing in Vegas was one of their cars. Nothing will happen tho, Shaun seems to be untouchable and Micah took the fall last time going to prison and probably will again this time.

f112084c, 2013-10-27, 10:49PM CDT

That makes no sense, so because of Shaun's family school court got put on hold till when? Everything Is confusing. People were victims years ago, but what's the new story about straw buyers in Vegas? Spectrum news said straw buyers were going to be charged as well? Never saw that one because he conned people years ago and left them in debts hanging. How did all that change to victims getting punished now?a

790b9b37, 2013-10-27, 11:08PM CDT

Micah is conducting bank fraud..credit card fraud and something with tax returns going to various accounts. He had his parents staying in a place in which he stole someone's identity. The person didnt find out until she..I mean he didnt pay the rent and was being evicted. He's done so much fraud using banks. Credit cards.. credit unions.

Merchant accounts. The list goes on forever!

790b9b37, 2013-10-27, 11:12PM CDT

His fianc? or ex is a stripper in Denver diamond cabaret.

f112084c, 2013-10-27, 11:38PM CDT

WOW now there's a kicker, fiance???? Not at all surprised by stripper life being they have money which means hes able to con them. He did that to a friend of mine then a bar tender. How has he not been charged for fraud by the banks and people? As it is be bounces checks that are fake when he owes people money and promises to pay. The checks bounce cause its a fake check he prints front and back! What the heck did he do with all the money he's practicality embezzling? Can't believe he'd drag his parents into that mess! And his family still stands by him? Sad!

790b9b37, 2013-10-28, 12:03AM CDT

The feds are probably building a huge case against him. It takes time to gather all the info necessary for prosecution. This will be huge once everything comes out. He has the nerve to be smiling on Facebook! I wonder if all the friends he has on there know of his dirty secrets. Should post all his dirt on a Facebook page so everyone knows about him.

f112084c, 2013-10-28, 12:18AM CDT

I would, I know some of the people I read as straw buyers in Vegas no longer have face book accounts and then he has the nerve to get one? I know Shaun still has his. Interesting the ones that create the mess have no shame. Leave it to the victims and they get punished and hide out. I read about Lorie the Hawaiian sugar mama was wanted for missing court or something. The rest of his victims were being charged but why? He scammed them? I wonder if they got charged or postponed for his court date to testify?

790b9b37, 2013-10-28, 01:00AM CDT

The car stuff is minor compared to fake tax return money being transferred to accounts. He also has stolen social security numbers uses them to get credit cards shipped to p.o. boxes.

790b9b37, 2013-10-28, 01:04AM CDT

Porscha Newton is his ex fianc? in Denver

f112084c, 2013-10-28, 10:59AM CDT

Wow! He just gets worse and worse. Even with Shaun's money I don't see him walking free on FRAUD like that. The court he has coming up is just for the Vegas car buyers isn't it? Hope he gets charged for everthing else too.

e5e59318, 2013-10-30, 01:39PM CDT

He wrote a check to my business in St. George on 10/8/13 on a business account called Body Weight Resistance llc for over $3,500. The account is closed. He later called and said he'd be in to pay. Tried to call him back and now his phone is disconnected.

f2f4420f, 2013-10-30, 02:12PM CDT

He has like 10 phones all the time. You will see him again, sorry. Call the DA in Utah. Have to report so they can get more evidence.

790b9b37, 2013-10-30, 02:56PM CDT

Yes please call the DA in Utah the more evidence the better! Here's the 411 on Body Weight Resistance LLC.. The registered owner is his brother Landon Pilkey 525 E 840 S CIRCLE ST. GEORGE, UT 84770 He's done the same thing in Denver, Wyoming, Nebraska and Vegas (where people he screwed are actively looking for him). His other businesses are HUSH ENTERTAINMENT LLC, VEGAS HIGHLINE LLC, MOBILE ADS DENVER LLC, BA KHONG BA LLC, 303 MOBILE ADVERTISING LLC, ASMP ASSOCIATES LLC and now BODY WEIGHT RESISTANCE LLC. He starts these businesses opens up bank accounts and writes hot checks all over town. He also gets merchant accounts for credit card processing so he can use the stolen credit cards. Swipes them and the money goes to an account it's attached to. People are looking for him because the cars that they were making outrageous payments for are gone! Some of these people put down as much as 20k because of credit issues or whatever. Imagine walking outside and your car is gone after making payments of 2k for a year! I also think he's on the RipoffReport.com.. The feds have to have knowledge of what he's doing they are just trying to gather all the evidence (and there should be quite a bit of it) since he's still doing the same thing.

f112084c, 2013-10-30, 03:01PM CDT

You can file a fraudulent check claim with your local D.A office. On anther note you can warn him on Facebook by contacting him letting him know because he failed to fix a fraudulently written check you will file for a claim against him. Or I can give you his sisters number. Not sure he'd like that but then again I'm sure he will get the idea people don't like having checks written knowing it's fraudulent. It. Will piss him off but he does it cause he gets away with it all the time! The moment he gets exploited the moment he jumps.

f2f4420f, 2013-11-01, 08:24PM CDT

Micah has now deleted his account on FB. Hopefully, someone got through to him or his sister/family letting him know that people are looking for him and not just to say hello. lol

790b9b37, 2013-11-01, 11:09PM CDT

Yep I let him know how shady he was and that I needed my money back from him! I can't believe he's still writing checks for that amount on a closed account! Just check his criminal history, he's done this before. Report it to the DA and it should be a class c felony. He will be in big trouble since he's been convicted of this before and probably has pending cases in Colorado. His brother better be careful or Micah will have him involved in so much fraud without him even knowing! This guy needs to be in prison..

790b9b37, 2013-11-01, 11:12PM CDT

Have you seen this criminal history!! You name it..he's done it!!

f2f4420f, 2013-11-01, 11:34PM CDT

Let the reporter know also at the Spectrum in Utah. He would be very interested in knowing about other pending cases. His name is Kevin Jenkins.

f2f4420f, 2013-11-01, 11:35PM CDT

Let the reporter know also at the Spectrum in Utah. He would be very interested in knowing about other pending cases. His name is Kevin Jenkins.

3fb26777, 2013-11-13, 05:36PM CST

Micah was in the Killeen/ Ft hood area trying to scam locals

f2f4420f, 2013-11-13, 07:07PM CST

Shaun is living in Vegas even tho he said he isn't. I don't understand why these 2 are still running loose. Court date in Utah is Nov. 21.

f112084c, 2013-11-13, 07:29PM CST

If Micah is Killeen you should call the district attorney's office cause he's on bail, he's not allowed to be out of state if he's on bail!!! Hes got family from Killeen...

f2f4420f, 2013-11-13, 07:48PM CST

He's been out of state the entire time, since they filed charges last feb. Bail obviously means nothing! The Utah case is gonna get tossed, it is resolution which probably means not enough evidence. I don't understand how these 2 losers can keep getting away with this.

3fb26777, 2013-11-13, 08:17PM CST

He has been soliciting locals with a get rich scheme for 60k he will let you in on a STEAL OF A DEAL buying cars running them from Texas to Utah. He says he has some big tone lot in Vegas but why would he need funding if he was such a big timer on the strip! Hmmmm too good to be true!

f2f4420f, 2013-11-24, 05:15PM CST

Just read in the Spectrum, St. George newspaper that Micah Pilkey's Utah case has been dismissed!! are you f**king kidding me! no plea bargin, DISMISSED. All I can say is there must be some corruption going on the Utah courts or DA there.Shaun is still in the mix but they don't have enough evidence against him so he will walk too. No wonder these idiots keep doing this to people. They can and nothing ever happens!!

790b9b37, 2013-12-05, 12:35PM CST

Anyone thst has been scammed by this can post it on Matt Johnson facebook page. We are trying to get this guy prosecuted for everything he's done and he's trying to do! Enough's enough!! The only reason he keeps getting away is because people aren't saying anything. Let's put this guy where he belongs once and for all!!!!

f2f4420f, 2013-12-05, 12:57PM CST

Who is Matt Johnson and what town or something? There are like a bizillon on FB!

790b9b37, 2013-12-05, 01:06PM CST

Denver Co

790b9b37, 2013-12-05, 01:21PM CST

He attended UNC and works at AT&T if that helps.

790b9b37, 2014-01-10, 05:32PM CST

Anyone know where Micah is? johniscool92@yahoo thank you.

6fee0cb6, 2014-02-09, 12:03AM CST

Micah was spotted at a Jazz game in Salt Lake this evening. Here is the pic: https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=610876708966231&set=a.474493492604554.1073741825.100001317217823&type=1&theater

f2f4420f, 2014-02-09, 07:52AM CST

well doesn't really matter anymore about where he is. His case was dismissed completely and Downward got probation only and a fine. WTF! Shaun is next and he will walk too. What a joke with the DA in Utah. Justice really has been served since everyone else is left holding the bag but these two clowns walked...

790b9b37, 2014-02-10, 12:50PM CST

It matters because people are out THOUSANDS of dollars!! There are still cases pending against him for other things such as Identity theft, communications fraud, credit card fraud, etc.. If he thinks he can walk around after all he's done, then he's crazy. He's protected in Utah..maybe, but he can't even go to Vegas because people are actively looking for him there and in Denver! Don't think for one second that he's untouchable, some things take more time than others.Do you honestly think that a pimp or drug dealer is going to give him 15 - 20k down for a car..have that car taken..and be ok with that? NO!!

f112084c, 2014-02-11, 07:47AM CST

Shaun and Micah still go to Vegas. Micah has been on probation since a teenager, he's not allowed to go out of state but still does. He blames the owners of the cars to save him self from the pimps. His story is the owner collected the money and didn't pay the car!!!! At times he collects the money from pimps and scams both cat owner and pimp!!! He's a walking joke.

f2f4420f, 2014-02-11, 10:10AM CST

All I know is the Feds have been working this for over 2 years and still no charges. If people are actively looking for him for other crimes he really is not that hard to find. And not bright enough to stay hidden. Shaun is in Vegas and Micah probably is too. His sister is getting married soon so I'm sure he will be there. Not too hard to find him.

29fc4219, 2014-02-25, 04:03AM CST

I was another victim of Micah pilkey I'm from Hawaii n he got me for 40k ...I wanted to buy a Maserati 5 years ago n he told me that I didn't have to buy it all at one time n that I could pay monthly & once it was paid off I would own n I literally had 2 more months left n all of a sudden it was repoed bc he said I couldn't make that months payment but I couldn't bc he raked up n used my credit cards stealing my identity !!

f112084c, 2014-02-25, 03:04PM CST

To the last comment is your name Lorie and last name start with a K?

790b9b37, 2014-02-25, 08:44AM CST

All you have to do is report it to the FBI. You can use their website if you have to!

Especially for the credit card & identity theft. If you do nothing he will keep getting away with it. Trust me they are watching him..

f112084c, 2014-02-25, 09:42AM CST

To the person from Hawaii I'm pretty sure your name is Lori but if I we're you I'd seek a lawyer. Your name had come up allot with Micah and Your name Was On a list for Warrent OF Arrest. Just be careful.

f2f4420f, 2014-02-25, 01:39PM CST

The Feds have been involved for 3 years now. Doesn't seem like anything is happening there. They don't want Micah anyway, they want Shawn. Look at Shawn's FB page. He has a new site for his latest scam.

29fc4219, 2014-02-25, 02:44PM CST

I used to live in Vegas now back in Hawaii n my name isn't lori

f112084c, 2014-02-26, 07:14AM CST

Just wondered because Micah new a lady from Hawaii leased a maserati while bouncing checks all over town with her name. Her name came up on the list. He was opening accounts then bouncing Checks to companies with a bank in Vegas and her name. Have you considered suing for the 40 per agreement that was made? There's a good lawyer in Vegas that is all to familiar with these clowns!

790b9b37, 2014-02-26, 04:06PM CST

Also Charles Torres in Denver is very familiar with Micah and his scams. He has pending cases there! You can get his number off the web..

9048f299, 2014-06-03, 09:25AM CDT

I am a victim of Micah as well. I have been dealing with identity theft for about two years because of this horrible person. I seriously hope he gets what he deserves...I hate him. Im glad to see that others are posting about this POS. When I first started going thru all this identity theft no one really knew and all i wanted was for him to be stopped. I can NOT believe he is still free.....SMH

9446ca96, 2014-06-08, 10:50AM CDT

My girlfriend worked for Micah at 303 Mobile Ads last spring. This past spring she was awarded a $110k default judgment yet soon after Micah filed bancruptcy so she cannot pursue collection. I believe the reason charges were dropped on Micah's Vegas Highline scam in St George/Las Vegas is because of the larger Federal case regarding his identity theft and filing fraudulent tax returns.

If you have been a victim of identity theft by Micah please contact Matt Shaffer with the IRS criminal task force in Las Vegas. I no longer have his direct number however the contacts cited above at the St George courthouse will gladly provide it.

Remember the more people that contact Matt Shaffer and provide him with information the stronger the federal case and weaker Micah's chances of pleading a deal.

790b9b37, 2014-06-08, 01:14PM CDT

This guy has so many fake companies!!!

Ba Khong Ba, LLC is a Wyoming Domestic Limited-Liability Company filed on March 12, 2013. The company's filing status is listed as Active and its File Number is 2013-000639579.

The Registered Agent on file for this company is National Registered Agents, Inc. and is located at 1712 Pioneer Ave 120 Cheyenne, WY 82001. The company's principal address is 1700 Bassett St Unit 1707 Denver, CO 80202 and its mailing address is 1700 Bassett St Unit 1707 Denver, CO 80202.

The company has 1 principal on record. The principal is Micah Pilkey.

Company Information

Company Name: BA KHONG BA, LLC

File Number: 2013-000639579

Filing State: Wyoming (WY)

Filing Status: Active

Filing Date: March 12, 2013

Company Age: 1 Year 3 Months

Registered Agent:

Lookup Address on Google Maps

National Registered Agents, Inc.

1712 Pioneer Ave 120

Cheyenne, WY 82001

Principal Address:

Lookup Address on Google Maps

1700 Bassett St Unit 1707

Denver, CO 80202

Mailing Address:

Lookup Address on Google Maps

1700 Bassett St Unit 1707

Denver, CO 80202

Company Contacts





790b9b37, 2014-06-08, 01:20PM CDT

The suspects

Habibian was accused of working with two other men ? Executive Auto?s owner, Richard ?Rabbit? Downward, and Habibian?s business partner, Micah Dean Pilkey, 27 ? to rope in ?straw buyers? who would take out loans to buy expensive, high-end cars as investment property that the trio would manage.

The investment plan was for the cars to be rented out to well-heeled professionals who couldn?t buy the vehicles outright, an alleged fraud against the bank lenders who owned titles to the vehicles but were unaware of the plan. But Jaeger alleges Executive Auto also allowed Pilkey and Habibian to rent the vehicles to ?disreputable? clients out of state through their company, Vegas Highline Management Group, an alleged fraud against the straw buyers responsible for repaying the loans.

Some of the vehicles were recovered after they were involved in criminal incidents. Some have not been recovered. The nearly two dozen straw buyers identified as deceiving lenders as part of the conspiracy have been charged as suspects in the case but are simultaneously considered victims because they were allegedly deceived by the primary organizers of the scheme.

Downward and most of the straw buyers have reached plea deals with Jaeger in which charges were reduced or dismissed in exchange for restitution payments and agreements to testify about their involvement with the other defendants.

Charges were dismissed against Pilkey last year with no explanation given, although Pendleton?s memo states Pilkey has reportedly reached an agreement with federal prosecutors in an undisclosed case and that ?there was some taboo in discussing anything concerning Pilkey?s involvement with federal authorities at this point in time.?

Habibian?s alleged role

Jaeger notes that one straw buyer testified at last month?s hearing that he met Pilkey and Habibian and that Habibian said his family had clients who purchased vehicles that were part of the scheme.

Another straw buyer testified he worked with Pilkey but that Pilkey called Habibian at one point to ask ?when they could get (the straw buyer) some money.? A third testified Habibian said his company buys and resells cars and that Habibian ?really sold me on this.?

One straw buyer, Julie Homsombat, testified Habibian told her that if she bought a vehicle and had good credit, she could ?make some extra money,? Jaeger states.

Habibian and Pilkey later went with Homsombat to a credit union where Habibian told her Pilkey would go inside with her and ?handle everything,? and once inside, Pilkey told her how to falsify information on the credit application, she testified.

Pendleton argues the testimony only incriminated Pilkey, Downward and the finance officer and that Habibian was never present when the alleged fraudulent activities were taking place.

Pendleton also complains the finance officer?s contact information was redacted from court documents, preventing the defense from contacting him to subpoena his testimony. Jaeger?s response states Pendleton never asked how to get in touch with the finance officer.

?(We) would have provided the contact information if it had been requested,? Jaeger states. ?However, even if they had subpoenaed (him), there is no reason to believe he would have boarded the airplane.?

Judge John Walton has not yet scheduled a hearing on Pendleton?s motion

790b9b37, 2014-06-08, 01:39PM CDT

And this is just from the Auto fraud, not to mention the stuff he did regarding identity theft, fake tax returns etc.. the list goes on and on and on...

ST. GEORGE ? The attorney for a man accused of helping to orchestrate a fraudulent auto subleasing ring has filed a motion, asking a 5th District Court judge to find that there is no evidence his client committed a crime and to dismiss the case.

Attorney Gary Pendleton filed the motion to ?quash the bindover order? for trial on May 14, a month after Judge John Walton found sufficient evidence exists to merit a trial against Pendleton?s client, Shaun Mehdi Habibian, 33, on multiple felony charges of communications fraud, equity skimming of a vehicle and pattern of unlawful activity.

Habibian, who lists an address at his family?s Red Rock Canyon School for troubled youths, is accused of being one of the ringleaders in a scheme to defraud banks as well as investors by getting third-party ?straw buyers? to take out loans for high-end car purchases that would be subsequently leased to well-heeled clients without the lenders? knowledge.

The vehicles in reality were being leased out of state to ? in some cases ? people involved in criminal enterprises that damaged or disappeared with the cars, leaving the straw buyers on the hook for loans without the collateral to back them up, the arrest information states.

Because of the way the ringleaders allegedly deceived everyone involved in the arrangements, Deputy County Attorney Jerry Jaeger said the prosecution regards the straw buyers as both criminally involved and victims of the crime.

The ringleaders

Richard ?Rabbit? Downward, 43, of St. George and Micah Dean Pilkey, 27, who has listed various Washington County addresses in recent years, are accused with Habibian of roping in nearly two dozen straw buyers to further the scheme.

Downward pleaded guilty to reduced charges in February as part of an agreement in which he received three years of probation in lieu of prison time.

Jaeger asked the court to dismiss the case against Pilkey in November, stating he couldn?t comment on the reasons for closing out the case.

But Pendleton argues a hearing in which evidence against Habibian was presented last month only provided significant testimony against Downward and Pilkey, without really incriminating Habibian.

Pendleton cites interviews with Downward and the former finance officer at Downward?s now-shuttered Executive Auto dealership in which neither man implicates Habibian.

The finance officer describes the false loan applications he, Downward and Pilkey allegedly submitted to financial institutions, Pendleton states, but he has not been charged with participating in the crime, which Pendleton refers to as an apparent offer of immunity in the case.

?The investigator?s summary of that interview contains no statement about (Habibian) that is attributed to (the finance officer),? Pendleton?s memorandum states. ?(He) did not identify a single transaction in which the defendant was involved in making a fraudulent loan application.?

Instead, the finance officer ?guessed? in response to investigative questioning that Habibian was involved because of his friendship with Pilkey, Pendleton states. Pilkey was the manager of a business named Vegas Highline Management Group that allegedly moved the vehicles out of state, and Habibian was a ?company agent? for the business.

Pendleton?s memorandum also complains that the finance officer?s contact information was redacted in the report, preventing Pendleton from contacting the finance officer directly or summoning him to testify.

Pendleton states Jaeger had planned to call the finance officer to testify at the evidentiary hearing, but that the finance officer chose not to get on the airplane flight reserved for him to come from Missouri.

When Pendleton asked for an opportunity to subpoena the finance officer?s testimony, he was denied by the court, he states.

It?s obvious from the investigative interview that the finance officer intends to testify he ?did not conspire with the defendant to make fraudulent loan applications ? (or) to ?sublease? any financed vehicles,? Pendleton states.

Pendleton also noted that Downward and Pilkey did not testify at the evidentiary hearing. Downward?s absence was unexplained. Pilkey?s case has reportedly been taken over by federal prosecutors, but Pendleton?s memorandum states Jaeger informed him ?Pilkey had apparently reached an agreement with federal authorities, (but) there was some taboo in discussing anything concerning Pilkey?s involvement with federal authorities at this point in time.?

The memorandum goes on to state that ?the implication was that, as a result of federal entanglements, Pilkey would not be available as a witness against defendant until sometime in the future.?

f112084c, 2014-06-08, 01:46PM CDT

To the guy with the girlfriend, what state was that? Cause his business for that name was Vegas and legally you can't file BK if you have a judgement order again you. You can file emergancy BK if you know you have a court date for it but once a judgment is taken against you then you have to pay. And to the one who made a statement about the court and straw buyers I'm just curious about everyone else. I know allot of people were victims. Did others testify? How can they pay the loans if they couldn't afford the cars in the 1st place? Now they're ordered to pay? I don't understand how he wasn't charged unless they didn't have enough witnesses to testify against him? What was Micah's defense? I'd like to know where you got all the testimony.

790b9b37, 2014-06-08, 02:50PM CDT

303 Mobile Advertising was in Denver, Co Yeah I don't get that either. Basically they used the good credit they had etc. to get the loans. Micah would falsify documents such as pay stubs from his company and false tax information and submit it to the loan officer who would approve the loan or loans. He would then go to different banks that same day and duplicate this process. he would then lease the vehicle to someone on the street for a huge down payment..sometimes 10 - 20k and doubling the car payment promising the person with the good credit income from the payment he receives from the person on the street. The other money he received for car loans he pocketed and by the time the other banks found out they had given out loans for the same vehicle as another bank it was too late and the person who took out the loan is trying to find Micah which he just disappears!

f2f4420f, 2014-06-11, 01:52PM CDT

Knowing someone that is close to me that is involved in this, Matt Shaffer and the task force in Vegas have been working this case for 3 years now and I know for a fact that they have plenty of evidence to take Micah down but haven't. I believe they want Shaun and do not have enough evidence on him because Micah is his bitch and will never rat him out. Shaun is running a new business on his FB page right now. All I can say is, kiss the money you have lost thru these 2 clowns goodbye and secure your identity and credit. Micah tried to buy cars last year with my friends name. A bank officer called and luckily thought something was funny with the loans before he was to pick up the cars. BEWARE!

f112084c, 2014-08-08, 02:11AM CDT

Has anyone followed the news on Pilkey and Shaun? Found an article and part of it read as follows. Pendleton also noted that Downward and Pilkey did not testify at the evidentiary hearing. Downward's absence was unexplained. Pilkey's case has reportedly been taken over by federal prosecutors, but Pendleton's memorandum states Jaeger informed him Pilkey had apparently reached an agreement with federal authorities, (but) there was some taboo in discussing anything concerning Pilkey's involvement with federal authorities at this point in time.? The full article is at http://porscheautoworld.com/suspect-in-auto-subleasing-scheme-fights-charges/

790b9b37, 2014-08-08, 08:44AM CDT

They are building a federal case against Micah, anyone who wants to get involved please call 801. 579. 1400 extension 6610 in the FBI agents name is Beth Ann Schwartz.. here's your chance!

790b9b37, 2014-08-08, 08:46AM CDT

Utah FBI

f2f4420f, 2014-08-10, 07:14PM CDT

So, if Utah FBI is building a case, what happened to the case that they were building on him in Las Vegas over 3 years ago?? Really, after thousands of dollars spent on lawyers, my friend that is involved is this in both Nev. and Utah, their lawyer in Utah doesn't know jack about any of this and they have to call him and ask what is happening. Micah is not even on his radar, so how big of a case could this really be?

Actually, they could give a shit about Micah, but since his case got dismissed so nothing on his record. Not the case of the others that got plea margins. They have to pay to get records sealed since it is showing up!

f112084c, 2014-08-12, 02:26PM CDT

I'm assuming his case was dismissed because the Feds have a bigger case against him. Who knows. But maybe everyone that takes time to comment on here should call the number listed and file a complaint. Posting online isn't gonna help. Everyone is complaining online about what he did but never file against him with the legal system. You can't be upset about the cases being dismissed when you all sit here doing nothing. Don't be afraid to stand up so this guy can get what he deserves!

9446ca96, 2016-02-02, 11:11AM CST


It appears Micah will start serving a 30-month federal prison sentence and pay $1.66M in restitution.

f112084c, 2016-02-03, 10:57PM CST

Where is he serving his time at? What happens if he doesn't pay the fines? Does he go back to jail?

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