N W Neurology - Poor Customer Relations

Posted on Friday, May 17th, 2013 at 2:18pm CDT by n c.

Company: N W Neurology

Location: Windy Hill Road Austell Road

URL: nwneurology.org

Category: Health, Beauty

I went into the Austell location and upon arriving I was told that the doctor was not in the his appointments were moved to the Windyhill location. Well this was news to me seeing as I didn't get a phone call to reschedule, they sent a letter via USPS. Therefore, it is my fault that I didn't get the letter and I didn't reschedule. About two weeks ago I tried to reschedule due to work but they assured me that was the only appointment available. I have been seeing this doctor for 15 years plus every 3 months. So they know me well I have waited for this doctor up to an hour plus in the waiting room when they run late. I have never complained just sucked it up and went along with the situation. But this today has just my limit. I don't mention the doctor due to this is not his doing it is his support staff, Deborah mainly. I then asked for my records, they don't have them, fill out the form they will mail them to you for a high fee. I thought they were my records. If I had sent them a letter to reschedule an appointment and they didn't get it I would be charged a fee, I can guarantee that. I have no way to fight this other than terminating my relationship, which I am doing, but no one there cares, NO ONE! I would not invest my time, money and trust in this business as you are just a number not a person to them. They didn't try to rectify it other than we can give you another appointment next week. Therefore, I have to take time off again from work because of their mistake. The reason I got that they didn't call was that patient's phone numbers change so often they just don't call anymore, well why do they ask for my information every time I walk through the door EVERY THREE MONTHS!


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