Sovereign Bank - Paying for Someone eslse MISTAKE

Posted on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 at 10:08pm CDT by Jermane R.

Product: Bank

Company: Sovereign Bank

Location: 332High Street Burlington NJ 08016


Category: Other

I am in the middle of a very confusing dispute at your Burlington Branch. I went there on Friday May 10, 2013 to make a withdraw. I deposited $50 and i withdrew $750. So i thought. I took my slips and had the tell place what i thought to be $750 in a bank envelope. Unfortunately she mistakenly only put $700 in the envelope. The slip said $750. Sunday morning when i was gong to use the money i saw that there was only seven hundred dollars in the envelope. I then checked my bank slip and that said seven hundred as well. I then went to the online banking to check my account only to find out that my account had been debited $750 electronically. This of course overdrew my account. I called customer service and they could only put in a request to have it fixed. So my account at that point was unusable. They stated it would take two business days to complete. I went monday back to the branch to make them aware of the mistakes make and tell Jessica got the ball rolling on trying to get this resolved. Unfortunately on tuesday that when everything went bad. Jessica was not at work. No one seemed to be able to help me. They took my number and told me they would call me with progress. Never happened. Remember my account is unusable so i cannot get gas or anything else. I had already used the card saturday based on the information i had from the bank after my withdraw. So i call again today (wednesday morning) i spoke with jessica and she stated that it was still being worked on and she then took my information and said she would call me back. That never happened and i ended up checking my account online. What did i see, i saws that my account had been credited the $700 but still was in the negative. So i called to speak with Jessica to see what was going on. One of the branch managers stated that she had just got back from vacation and took care of it for me. What she told me next was just unfathomable for me. She said "we took care of two of the overdraft fee and you have to take care of the rest" Of course i was angered by the comments due to the fact that there mistake caused this whole situation. So a total of NINE overdraft fees and they want me to pay seven. No way. I did nothing and this is a huge problem. I have been a customer of this back since 1999 and this is just crazy. I have to pay now for other peoples mistakes. I don t think so. I am am not looking for any handout or restitution, i just want my account back in the green and the to not have to pay for mistake made by your bank. I am not sure if you care about a regular blue collar worker but i just want you to be aware of what is happening. I just want to say that i had to borrow money from friends to survive this week because this situation is still not resolved and i now have to fight for my money back. I am in the mist of trying to find a different bank because i don t believe this treatment is warranted nor ethical. i am available anytime you would like to contact me. email or call me at 609 351 9398 or have one of your people call me would be nice. I just can t believe that this is the way Sovereign Bank does business. Sovereign means better that the rest but this treatment i got is as low as it gets


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