Health Port - Bad Customer Service

Posted on Wednesday, May 15th, 2013 at 8:21pm CDT by Rodney D.

Product: Medical Records Vendor/Agent

Company: Health Port

Location: P.O. Box 409900
ATLANTA, GA, 30384, US


Category: Health, Beauty

My wife is a victim of medical malpractice and currently hospitalized for a long time. HealthPort medical records vendor/agent has added to my woes today, by denying proper customer service.

HealthPort should deduct/(refund later) $15.20 because the first 20 pages of hospital records was supposed to be free. I confirmed this with the hospital.

The rate $0.76 per page was not the issue and yet the rep kept on repeatedly defending this. Ignoring my repeated claim that the first 20 page is free. I should have been billed for 135 page and not 155 pages. The rep blatantly ignored my claim.

Then the rep tried to wrap-up the call without addressing the issue, noting that the bill was correct and continued to ignore/refuse my requests.

I felt insulted we the rep tried to get smart by saying 7 minutes was spent on the call, despite making me wait for 2 minutes of 7 while the rep researched.

I asked for a supervisor but the rep declined, implying that none was available. The rep gave me no recourse, but was pushing to end the call.

Then I told the rep that "generally the company and policy is the problem here, but I think you are getting in the way". The rep started to give the silent treatment.

I ask if there is no other solution here, because I will complaint to someone who will listen to me, or put it on the record somehow. The rep kept on defending the $0.76 non-issue.

My final request was to put on record that I disagree or at least note that I am having a negative impression and disagree the rep's response. I was cut-off, the customer service rep of Health Port hanged-up.

If you ever have business issues with HealthPort, then beware of its customer service. I may have lost $15 today plus I got insulted and frustrated.

In fact, do not trust your medical records with Health Port Medical Records Vendor/Agent of Atlanta, GA. You might be billed more at least in my case.


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