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Posted on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 2:45pm CDT by Scott L.

Product: Car Audio

Company: Sony USA

Location: US

Category: Products, Services

The detachable faceplate on my Sony in-dash car CD player has failed. The head unit which is installed in the dashboard is not the problem, only the faceplate?.

I will point out that I can still listen to CDs, but I no longer have the ability to skip tracks or adjust the EQ|. The AM/FM section has no controls (I cannot change stations)

I spent over two hours talking to 6 different Sony service reps, none of whom spoke English as their native language, only to be disconnected after an extended hold time..

During the two hours, I was repeatedly shuttled from department to department, and each time placed at the front of a long hold queue'.

Even after escallating the issue, I could not get a satisfactory response/.

Their technical representative determined that the faceplate was the issue, but indicated that I would need to send the faceplate to them and be without any tunes in my car for the two weeks it would take for them to replace it".

I expalined to the rep that I spend a considerable amount of time in my car, and made the not unreasonable request that they send out the replacement faceplate and allow me to send back the defective one after the fact:.

This rep needed to escalate the issue in order to get that approved|.

The next rep up the line indicated that I would need to take my dashboard apart and send the entire unit back, they would not replace the defective faceplate unless I sent in the entire unit.

When I pressed the issue further, I was told to contact the parts department. When I asked to be transferred to the parts department, I was put on another extended hold before having my call dropped altogether.

At that time, I had already invested two hours, and decided to Tweet my disappointment.

I received a reply to my Tweet from another rep who indicated they wanted to correct the situation, but in reality, they were only trying to do damage control, and offered no more help than any of the previous reps I spoke with.

At one point, one of the reps had the gall to insult me by offering me a 15% discount if I wished to just purchase a new unit, when mine is still under warranty.

After some back and forth with Sony, at first they offered to replace the part once I sent the faceplate back to them. When I explained that I would like to send the defective part back after the fact, so that I would not have to endure two weeks without any music whatsoever, they reversed themselvs and took their offer off the table. So not only does Sony have terrible support, they are, for lack of a more PC term, "Indian givers."

If you go to Sony's Facebook page, you will see quite a number of angry posts about Sony's terrible support and terrible customer service.


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Business Reply  SonySupportUSA, 2013-06-03, 05:44PM CDT

Hello Scott,

I apologize that you're not completely satisfied with the resolution we have provided. Your replacement offer still stands, however, you will have to send your unit in first. We're not able to send you the replacement until we have received yours. This is simply a security measure. As much as we try, unfortunately we are not able to meet every customer?s expectations. I apologize if this happens to be one of those times.

Have a wonderful day,

Amanda Jeter

Scott L., 2013-05-22, 02:02PM CDT

After reaching out to some high-level executives, one of them contacted someone within the Sony organization and directed them to send me the part I needed as a gesture of goodwill. Exactly what customer service should have done from the get go, before they alienated their customer and caused so much ill will and damage.

I felt it was only fair to follow up and let others know that Sony did ultimately fulfill my request, but not before first wasting so much of my time and making it so difficult.

Scott L., 2013-06-06, 06:42PM CDT


You and your fellow CSRs are idiots and losers. Were you capable of reading and understanding English, you would have known that Sony has already provided me the replacement faceplate, AND I DID NOT NEED TO RETURN THE ORIGINAL! You are a bunch of incompetent fools, and none of you seem to know what you are talking about, let alone how to offer customer service. You are pathetic, and I got what I set out to get, despite your best efforts to not offer customer service. Even as you stand by your statements, your superiors have stepped in and hooked me up with my FREE REPLACEMENT FACEPLATE, ON MY TERMS!!!! Suck it.

Scott L., 2013-06-06, 06:44PM CDT


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