RECHARGE FUMDA - refund of money of retailers

Posted on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 2:17am CDT by KRISHNA P.

Product: multi recharge services


Location: Ist Floor, Akash plaza, Civil Lines Bijnor -246701 Uttar Pradesh


Category: Internet Services

I was distributor of Recharge Funda operated by colours Marketing (A single sim multi Recharge company). The company was doing well and I use to transfer balance in company?s bank account, then they give me balance in my distributor portal and I transfer balance in retailer and retailers use to recharge with the amount to their customers.

But Once i transferred balance in company account on day (19/02/2013), they provide me balance after very late (02/03/2013) and after few days they regularly use to deactivate my account so retailers can?t recharge with the amount. Today I have about 20000 Rs Pending balance in my account (including retailers) and recharging is blocked from past 2 months. They are telling that company is not working. When I told them to refund our money, they are not wanting to do so. They are ignoring our mails, our calls and everything. They doesn?t want to refund money and the retailers are demanding to refund the whole money. They have also taken an amount of 20000 Rs for activation of my distributor account as security deposit at the start of business.

I request you that pls provide me the constitutional way how can we refund our money from the company.


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