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Posted on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 6:15am CDT by James W.

Company: Facebook.com

Location: US

URL: Facebook.com

Category: Internet Services

The last few days Facebook has been trying to get my cell phone number by claiming they have to verify my account, so I gave it to them so they could send me a text with a verification number. After I went through this process, I went to my personal info page and deleted my cell phone number.

These scumbags repeated the same "verify your account" scam a few more times, and now that I complained to them the filthy pukes sent me this:


Unfortunately, we can?t assist you until you reply and attach identification that verifies the name submitted in your request.

Please attach a copy of one government-issued ID (ex: driver's license or passport) or two documents from a respected institution or business. Together these documents must show your full name, photo, and date of birth.

Some examples of acceptable documents include:

- School or work ID

- Utility bill

- Marriage license

- Legal name change paperwork

- Credit card (with the number blacked out)

- Birth certificate

Who in the !@#$ do these little turds think they are?


afd5d494, 2013-07-22, 07:06AM CDT

Facebook is a joke. I cannot understand why so many people have to tell everyone their business. Who cares? I certainly don't. What ever happened to privacy?

Loretta W., 2014-09-03, 05:50AM CDT

Privacy on facebook. There isn't any. Now they are reading your chat.

What is American coming too ? We are losing are right every day and

facebook is helping the goverment to spy on us. There must be a law against what Facebook is doing and invading our privacy. You have to have their chat messenger. I can't understand how they are getting away with it.

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