Dave McNamara - Dave McNamara Fraud and Con Artist on Craigslist 720.422.5544

Posted on Tuesday, May 14th, 2013 at 10:48am CDT by 1852752f

Company: Dave McNamara

Location: DENVER, US

Category: Furniture

Dave McNamara is a Con Artist and a Fraud. He posts ads on craigslist for furniture refinish and restoration. He will pick up your pieces and ask for 50% deposit. He then disappears and will not return your furniture. He will call and ask for money in a drunken state and is abusive. He has done this to numerous people in Denver. He does not have a drivers license so he has a driver name Don Dingwall drive him around picking up furniture. Don Dingwall has a sketchy background as well. They are both con artist and

they work together. Don Dingwall usually will stay in the care while Dave McNamara comes and starts his scam. He will drop names and say he works for Eron Johnson or Ackermans. We have called them and they have no idea who Dave McNamara is. Beware of this guy! Do not fall for his postings and his lies. Google his name Dave McNamara and his phone number 720.422.544 720-422-5544 720.422.5544

You will find out all sorts of information on this guy. He not only cons people but he is a prostitute on line! Scary guy. Please contact me if you need more information on this guy and Don Dingwall.


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