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Posted on Monday, May 13th, 2013 at 8:25am CDT by help micoboschdealers

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Respected Sir,

We Mico Bosch dealers in Uttar Pradesh Varanasi and Jaunpur. Illegal raids by EIPR India with police on our shops by EIPR agency to make money. Police believe EIPR agency because EIPR agency pay bribe to police for raid. Original Mico Bosch spare parts of our stores taken by the police and honest shopkeeper all arrested. False criminal case on false complaint of EIPR agency was registered by the EIPR India Agency. We also wrongly arrested because of false complaints. It all worked illegally.

Now we know that an agency from Mumbai police told EIPR India agent of Mico and false complaint that we selling fake / duplicate parts of Mico. Genuine spare part found in raid at our stores and we were illegally arrested. Mico Bosch / EIPR India filed illegal police false criminal case no. 712/12 the police station - in Shahganj Date 11/06/2012 - Shahgunj, District - Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh Agency EIPR India totally false complaint against us falsely case / case has been filed .. The agency EIPR India give false report to Mico because Mico pays fee to EIPR agency after raid. EIPR agency also bribes and pay money to police for doing raids. Mico should take action against EIPR India agency. We are the dealers of Jaunpur illegal raid / raid were arrested: Sudeep Gupta Auto Agency, auto, M. Auto, tractor, and Mill Store - Bus Stand Road, Main GT Road Motor Market, Shahgunj, Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. If Mico not take any action against EIPR agency we will file case in High Court for reinvestigation of all the raids by EIPR agency and Mico Bossch. We all pray to MICO to check again all raid done by EIPR agency in Uttar Pradesh. Thank you


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